FAQ about portable GPS blocker jamming device

Q:Is it necessary to have a GPS jammer for our car?

A:Our car built-in GPS system, of course, it might be the use of tracking for us, in addition, criminals may be small installed on our car GPS tracker, it will make us in a dangerous environment, therefore, the vehicle equipped with a GPS jammer is a necessary tool.

Q:Where can I buy high-quality GPS satellite signal jammers?

A:GPS satellite signal jammers have a lot of store sales on the Internet, but it's hard to find a high quality signal jammer, which is recommended for you at jammer-buy.

Q:Where can the GPS jammer be used?

A:In addition to our cars, GPS jammers are widely used in military activities, and all areas where GPS satellite signals need to be shielded are likely to be used.

Here one of our most popular signal jammer is a small car GPS jammer which can be inserted into the car cigarette lighter for use, small size and cheap.

Accoding to the questions we got from customers,here please note that what we say "gps jammer", it can interfere with GPS positioning navigation system, but for some other navigation it can not block, such as :

1. Dual-mode navigation: network positioning (mobile phone signal positioning) navigation + GPS navigation. For this kind of navigation, you need GSM GPS jammers.

2. Network positioning (mobile phone signal positioning) navigation. For this, you need a gsm jammer.

3. COMPASS system, GLONASS system and Galileo system. These three systems are barely applied to civilian aspects. So here in the shop we do not provide the corresponding product.

In a word, if you want to interfere with the navigation device. You should know which signal the device uses. In general, most of them use GPS, of course, others use mobile phone signals. Therefore, a GSM GPS jammer can be more likely to ensure that it can block the most navigation device.