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The United States Maryland's disciplinary officials have begun to use dog sniffing mobile contraband.

Authorities said the phone has become the most popular contraband in the prison. Mobile phones can be used to run criminal businesses, plan to escape, arrange other illegal items such as drugs.

Prisoners put the phone in the box of food, pickpockets books, soles with hollow soles, mattresses and pillows ,which are basically free games to hide the phone, Sgt said. Mary Brosky, Maryland State Magistrate.

The authorities said that these phones had led prisoners to desperately want to communicate with the outside world.

"If we do not try to limit the prisoners, the prisoner can make a phone call and commit a criminal offense," said Mary Stouffer, Maryland Correctional Administrator.

Maryland's correctional department officials first started using dogs in June to find cleverly hidden phones. The program nourishes and train dogs to find the phone hidden in the state jail.

"I was really not really interested in this idea for the first time, and I did not think they were able to separate the smell of the phone and the things that were in the organization," K-9 coach Rodney Jordan. But surprisingly, he had a dog trained and ready to work in just six weeks.

The trainer said that each item has a unique signature smell, the dog can pick up, so they can distinguish the smell of the phone with the smell of the TV or other items.

The plan has been a complete success, Maryland officials said, several other state prison officials have contacted them, asked to help train dogs.

It's fun to use a dog to help find a cell phone. Of course, you can also use the GSM jammers in jail. As we said earlier, in Berlin prison, mobile phone jammers have been applied. Using jammers in prison is one of the ways to stop a prisoner from using a cell phone.