GPS signal jammers working principle and application

Jammer is refers to the interference of certain things instruments, likewise, is for the GPS jammers GPS interference shielding instrument, it appears in the modern society more, because of the need to use it more and more, not just on our national defense military, life also gradually increased the use of it, so it is necessary to understand its working principle and main application field, it is a guidance for our use. In addition, to understand how it works and how to use it, you can make a recommended GPS jammer for yourself, or you can buy it from our store's GPS blocker.

When you want to buy a GPS jammer, you may have a certain understanding of its function, that is, interfering with GPS signals, which can prevent GPS tracking. Here we will explain it in detail.

Before explaining the GPS jammer itself, it is best to explain how GPS works. GPS represents the Global Positioning System, a system used by individuals, business entities and the military, primarily for navigational purposes.

The GPS Global Positioning System uses a series of Earth orbit satellites that transmit radio signals. The signal arrives at the GPS receiver to determine the positioning by triangulation. GPS can be found in single handheld devices and cellular phones, vehicle navigation and positioning systems, and small GPS tracking devices.

By triangulation, a way of measuring three individual points to calculate the position,the position can be found.In the car's navigation system, the vehicle's position is measured by three satellites around. With triangulation, GPS can transfer the position to the receiver with an accuracy of only inch.

The GPS signal is a radio signal using a specific frequency. GPS actually has two main frequencies, one of which is for public, non-military (1575.42 MHz), and the other for the US military (1227.6 MHz). Since GPS is only weak radio waves, these waves may be jammed or twisted by using GPS jammers.

GPS jammers were originally created by governments, military organizations and spy agencies. Its applications include confusing the enemy in the exact location, or where the enemy GPS missile or bomb will fall.

Now civilians have been looking for these devices to protect their privacy in the ever-increasing GPS tracking world. There are several civilian uses to block GPS signals that are primarily related to privacy, including the ability to hide themselves or vehicles in case they are tracked by GPS receivers. A practical application is for salesman or the driver, who may wish to eat lunch outside their territory, or go home to get an item without having to do a lot of explanation for the GPS tracking on their vehicle. Most civilian GPS jammers are enough to cover even the largest vehicles that can protect users' privacy.

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