Civil aviation GPS interference incident

On September 1, the day after the focus of the key work of radio management in henan province and the deployment of the 19 radio security mobilization, luoyang radio authority received an urgent complaint from the northern suburb of luoyang, saying that its GPS was seriously disturbed and directly affected the normal flight of the aircraft.
In order to ensure the safety of aviation radio safety and to create a stable safe production environment for the party's 19th victory, the luoyang radio authority made a decisive decision, promptly organized the technical and law enforcement key personnel to set up a working group, immediately rushed to the airport to understand the situation, and initially determined the general orientation by monitoring the monitoring and direction of the main station. The working group drove the monitoring vehicle to the area of the accident. It was able to locate the exact location of the interferon source by multi-point monitoring and cross-positioning, and found two working GPS signal jammer shields in a warehouse near the airport.
According to the scene, this is the equipment that the client installed to prevent the loss of more than 10 mortgage vehicles stored in the warehouse. After the test of the field switchgear was determined as the source of the interference, the law enforcement personnel told the parties about the regulations of the People's Republic of China on the regulations of the People's Republic of China on the radio regulations of the People's Republic of China, and seriously pointed out the serious consequences of their actions. The parties expressed their positive cooperation and were willing to accept the treatment after realizing the harm. Working group in accordance with law enforcement procedures to take photos, after dismantling the 2 sets of blockers in accordance with the law and northern suburbs of luoyang airport interference eliminated by GPS.