The British prison is surprisingly open to smuggling contraband

With the development of science and technology, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) created by people and widely used in various fields, used in military reconnaissance, used in photography, used in the exploration of the unknown position, etc. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has become the many entertainment equipment, because of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), for the use of drones, people thought about the different using ways, have you ever heard of prison inmates using unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) transport drugs?
More than 200 kilograms of drugs and 13, 000 mobile phones were found in prisons in England and wales last year, according to a data released by the justice department. This is unacceptable, the guardian newspaper reported Monday, citing Sam gemma, the government's prison minister. He is committed to recruiting more jailers.
In Britain, individual prisoners have been used to smuggle contraband into prison. To prevent such a situation, a prison on the British island of guernsy has installed an "electronic dome" over the prison to jam the drone's signal jammer sale cheap online and make it impossible to "deliver". The dome is scheduled to be installed by the end of this month.
Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) displayed at the international exposition of police and safety equipment in gdansk, Poland, April 26, 2017.
According to the justice department, 225 kilograms of drugs, 13, 000 mobile phones and about 7, 000 mobile phone CARDS were found in prisons in England and wales in 2016. The figures highlight the serious challenges facing UK prison officials as the guardian comments that there has been a shortage of managers in UK prisons and an increase in prison violence.
"In our prison system, the number of violent incidents, the level of drug use and the use of mobile phones is intolerable," said jama, the government's prison minister. We have taken a series of solutions and I am determined to solve this problem.
The justice department said the cell phone and mobile phone CARDS confiscated in prison helped prevent prison inmates from planning and even remotely conducting more illegal ACTS.
Officials also said they had invested 2 million pounds (17.54 million yuan) in new technology to check the illegal use of mobile phones in prisons. Another 300 dogs were involved in the investigation.
Gemma believes that increasing prison management is a top priority in order to solve the problem of illegal contraband.
"Prison problem can not be solved overnight, we must make improvements, add a line the number of employees is the key," he said, "the number of British prison management today is on the rise, it means that we will achieve recruited 2500 people 2018 years ago."
On May 11, 2017, unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) are piloted by unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) in New Jersey.
Today, the use of drones to transport contraband into prisons is a headache for many British prison officials. In April, the city government announced the formation of a special group to address these issues. In may, the two men were convicted of carrying cocaine, marijuana and mobile phones to a prison in northwest London.
The guernsey prison began installing the invisible "electronic dome" in May, using anti-drone technology to combat the smuggling of goods.
"A lot of wardens are getting headaches for drones," warden David mathews told reporters at the time. The problem is that, unless the drone hits the ground, they are generally hard to find.
It is the first time a British prison has used anti-drone technology, says Richard gill, founder of uavs, a British technology company. He said that once a drone was found to enter the "electronic dome", the system would send a signal that would interfere with electronic signals. "the drone operator's screen would be 'pitch black'," he said.
Given the size of each prison, the system costs between 100,000 pounds (877, 000 yuan) and 250,000 pounds (21,930 yuan), gill said.
Gill expected the system to be installed by the end of July.