How to reduce your smartphone addiction

The development of mobile Internet to promote the development of smart phones and wireless network technology, the progress of science and technology brought people unprecedented experience, let people's living standards improve, more enjoy life. For the development of science and technology, people should take advantage of these technologies to make their life more colorful and make their life more beautiful.
The spread of smartphones has made almost everyone have their mobile phone, this is indeed the development of science and technology and improve the living standards of the place, and also from the side to promote the development of wireless technology. But it makes them become addicted to mobile phones, the number of cell phone use is far more than before, for their life and work has become particularly important, the use of mobile phones to play games, watch video, browse the web, chat social has become the important things they used their mobile phones. Because of the use of mobile phone, they chat face to face less time with my family, they spend more time on the phone, even if the family sit together, is just playing with their own mobile phones, do their own things, during the few exchanges. This is extremely bad for the relationship between their loved ones.
Because addicted to mobile phones, they always like to stay at home in the spare time to play phone, play games, such as don't want to go out to see the world outside, don't want to go out to play with friends, don't even want to get up, stay in bed to play, also don't want to eat out, there are more serious things. Is there such a person around you?
There are a lot of things like that. To be honest, the popularity of mobile phones has made a big difference in our lives, but the problems we bring can't be ignored. Are you making sense of the use of mobile phones? Are you addicted to your phone too?
Do you have anything to do with the problem of cell phone addiction? Does your family know how to use your cell phone properly? To reduce the phone addiction, the Internet is not too big to say, mainly to rely on their own self-control. If you are a child, you should rely on adults to discipline children. Personally, I think there are many solutions to the phone addiction. Besides their own control, they can also prevent the use of mobile phones. The use of a cell phone calls for a signal or a wifi signal, and we can use a cell phone jammer diy that interferes with both signals. What do you think about the recent Internet craze for getting rid of mobile phone addiction?
In Japan recently, apps that help users get rid of their mobile phones are becoming more popular. This procedure is similar to pet a small game, but the difference is, only without the use of mobile phones, electronic pets will grow, once can't resist the temptation to open the other program, before get results will be invalid.
In addition, there are more severe penalties for the software, which is set up to disable the time after the hand is locked, and during this period, all operations can't be carried out except for emergency calls. Once the user can't resist the urge to unlock the phone, a warning pops up, reminding you that you have to pay 100 yen (about 6 yuan) to unlock it in advance.
With mobile phone addiction, we adults should be controlled, our self-control is good, as long as find other things instead of playing mobile phones can be solved, but for children and students, their self-control is not so strong, it's easy to control by mobile phone, in this case, the mobile phone jammers will is a gift we prepared for them.