Mobile phone positioning seriously violated our privacy

In recent years, the rapid development of science and technology, and we find that the most obvious is the development of the mobile phone, cell phone upgrade can be changed dramatically, from the original key mobile phone, to full screen mobile phone now, not only from appearance on modelling, or from the performance and function, have very big improvement. So today's mobile smartphone is almost people's PDA, they have the function like computers, more important is that it has the characteristics of the portable, this is can't be matched by computer. And in these phones, we've found a technique that's been used, which is GPS positioning technology. With regard to GPS, we are more or less familiar with our travel and lost things. It has a very important role. Of course it has some negative effects.
Recently, an employee of a foreign trade company went out to business, and did a little private business. Therefore, he suffered the wholesale and fine of the company. What was the matter? The company adopted a new mobile APP of check on work attendance, it can accurately locate to the employee's real-time position, the employee is recorded by the mobile phone positioning, so as to be criticized and fines. Way of management for enterprise, a lot of people think it is a violation of personal privacy, ignore the rights of the employees, let them in a state of being monitored, it makes them uncomfortable.
According to the report, many enterprises use mobile phone location management to check the staff, think it can stimulate the staff's work efficiency and give employees "wind up". Apply scientific and technological progress to staff management, itself is not too big problem, is also a unit of choose and employ persons is the embodiment of the exercise of autonomy, but mobile phone positioning attendance also can't abuse, more can't in the name of attendance to invade the privacy of a laborer, excessive interference in the private activities of laborer.
In fact, it is not only in the enterprise that there are similar violations of personal privacy, but in many mobile apps, it is necessary to locate the current users in order to provide more services. To many people, this is a common thing, but the usual thing is your property and personal safety. The APP to our personal information collection, is likely to be leaked, this gives the criminals to annul, they may himself to us or our side relatives, friends to fraud crime activities, this shows how dangerous it is.
Although the mobile phone's function improvement is convenient for our life, the same can also pose a certain threat to us. The use of mobile GPS positioning function requires careful consideration. Mobile phone positioning tracking is often happen in our life, we need the location of the privacy is not safe, in order to make our whereabouts to obtain the very good protection to a certain extent, multi-functional portable cell phone jammer is a tool for us to protect. If you're worried about being stalked, it's not too late to buy.