Hacker intrusion cameras infringe on their citizen's privacy

In recent years, with the continuous development of Internet technology, webcams have become a popular product. Users have installed webcams in their houses to ensure real-time monitoring of their home situations. Camera network vulnerabilities, however, also provide the opportunities for criminals crime, was used to enhance security cameras at the same time has become a double-edged sword hanging in the user's head, the camera in the home live video or download screenshots are criminals posted on the Internet, citizens' privacy is a serious violation.
With the development of science and technology, the problem of network security has been widespread. Even if you don't understand computer technology at all, you can quickly master the intrusion technology. The peeping Tom through webcam monitor the movements of users, and even the privacy screen capture and broadcast to the network, have increased security cameras have become a double-edged sword hanging in the user's head.
The camera cache is video, which is a new source of pornographic materials. Through the investigation of criminals' criminal tools, mobile phones and computers, it was found that a large number of hacking software were used to break into the video data cached in other people's cameras. Illegal software spread rampant, network supervision loopholes.
Webcam users have weak security awareness. On the one hand, the camera mainly takes pictures of daily life, and most citizens place the camera indoors. On the other hand, I was not aware of the security risks of my own webcam, and I was reluctant to update the system software or patch, which resulted in the "live broadcast" of my personal privacy.
The internal program of network camera is easy to be broken. IP scanning software is one of the essential tools for a hacker. If you enter the administrative area you want to invade, a large number of IP addresses will be scanned. Criminals can figure out the user name and password behind the IP address by picking out part of the IP address and cracking the software through the IP address. According to statistics, voyeurs can get more than 500 sets of authentication information by logging into the software once. After obtaining the IP address, username and password, the voyeur becomes the owner of the camera and can simply log in to watch the data transmitted by the camera.
In order to make our home network, individual privacy better security protection, it is necessary to install at home use wifi jammer, can block cell phone signals at the same time, the wireless network video frequency interference device is prohibited.