Jail tests jammer-buy store's cellphone jammer

Jammer-buy.com conducted installation and testing of the new device - all mobile frequency srv-300 fixed jammers. The device was specifically used for the order of a colony of strict rules of the Russian federation.
The main requirement is to interfere with all mobile communications around 200x300 metres in circumference.
The object area is located within the open area of 2 km to the line of sight and base station of the mobile operator - the line of sight and MTS of Tele2.
These measures are necessary to prevent unauthorized calls for collusion and fraud, as the personnel explained.
Let's start with the fact that mobile phones entering prisons cannot be the official way, all passed in locker rooms at checkpoints, with the exception of officers.
1. The territory is very large, so it is decided to start the test from the installation of the tallest tower in the center. Omni-directional antennas have been installed, including to check the presence of communications. The wooden barracks far away from the wooden tower have no communication, about 150-180 meters. Everything, sort of like, ok, but on the other hand, there are brick buildings - penalty cells, there's a connection. We decided to move to the towers near these buildings.
2. At the corner nearest the tower, about 70 meters away from the penalty isolator, directional antenna is installed.
After a brief operation with the antenna, communication has gone, but not everywhere, and the choice of perspective required has yielded positive results, but there is another problem. Distant buildings were not flooded, and the connection disappeared in the observation tower, 150 metres away. One question - why? We decided to install the equipment on the roof of the punishment room.
3. The top of the insulator falls gently, without observation platform, etc. There is only one attic window, and we climb the roof and put it on the roof.
Omnidirectional antennas open, connect low, but are not ubiquitous. They began moving the jam from above their heads to the rooftops of neighboring buildings as quietly as possible.
However, it was noted that there were some "" vulnerabilities" "and communications in some parts of the service grid corridor because of the high number of barbed wire and metals. Metal, wire, wire act as a shield and deteriorate the operation of the device.
The results of
After the experiment, it was decided to install an cell phone jammer on the street with the omnidirectional antenna to make additional protective housing.
A few days later, however, a letter arrived from the customer stating that the equipment had been installed, turned on and made the village, which is two kilometres from the prison, low! It's certainly happy news for manufacturers and equipment providers that jam saws work well, but it's also bad for peaceful uninterested residents without mobile communications and the Internet.
In this case, the equipment had signal power regulators, and they added a barrier in the form of galvanized metal sheets, with connections in the village.