New methods preventing smart phone from leaking information - jammers

The United States is a country at the forefront of all innovation, whether in technology or security, or in any other area. Everyone now knows that government agencies in the United States and other developed countries have been able to produce advanced devices that can track information on smartphones, tablets and gadgets. The biggest advantage of these modern tools is that the tracking activity is done secretly without notifying the device user. According to the Wall Street journal, the advanced technology - the dirt tank - is being corrected while tracking planes or special aircraft. The instrument has the ability to act as a secret tower without warning the user of the truth.
The box collects information about smartphones and other gadgets to track suspects, a process that runs without the assistance of network operators. In addition to information about suspects, "dirtbox" collects information about others, but that information was later deleted. We know that this latest technology is more advanced and successful than previous government innovations. The U.S. military USES the technology to gather information about people inside and outside the theater. Even American bailiffs use the device to target criminals, including killers and drug dealers.
With the help of the earth box, the aircraft can locate the suspect at a distance of 10 feet and determine his exact location. In addition, you can retrieve the personal information of smartphone users from mobile devices and tablets, such as messages, letters, notes, images and video. One way to get rid of surveillance: it uses cell phone jammer. The dumpster is about 2 feet in size, and the operation is very interesting. In fact, it spoofs the phone and automatically connects to the device by providing the best network or signal. Because mobile handheld devices are programmed to automatically connect to the best signal without any commands from the user, the owner does not know. But it's clear that the new technology will not work if the smartphone is in sleep mode.
Let's take an example: if a suspect is supposed to be a "dirtbox" question from a mobile device owned by Verizon, a false signal that deceives united Verizon, including Verizon's network. The aircraft is the nearest available tower to the Verizon signal. Once the phone detects an error signal, they will automatically start sending their registration information via the ping device. In fact, even in densely populated areas, bins can collect information on thousands of smartphones. But Verizon has not confirmed that they are involved in such plans. On the other hand, two other major telecom carriers, Sprint and AT&T, know nothing about it. And the interesting thing is,
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