Stop using GPS jammers when anti tracking is not required

In general, we use GPS jammers to prevent tracking, so when we need to eliminate tracking, we should use a portable GPS jammer, it is best to stop it when it is not needed, otherwise it will happen In the following case, this is extremely bad.
A 50-year-old sales executive living in La Rochelle was fined 2,000 euros by the Nantes Criminal Court on August 9. The judge accused him of "seriously disrupting the operation of Nantes Airport."
On April 19th, this Roche hotel focused on oil equipment flew to Africa. He left Ford in the parking lot at the airport. In the trunk, his GPS jammer is still inserted into the cigarette lighter. This small device that is illegal in France allows for movement without being tracked or geo-located, especially through mobile phones.
Question: The next day, the plane remained in the nearby air parking lot. Their own GPS system is disturbed and cannot move forward.
A team from the National Frequency Authority intervened. Fortunately, near Nantes, the team sent a truck lab to test the car and disable the jammer. This accident caused a delay of 1:15 for the takeoff time. "We are fighting the proliferation of this type of jammer," said the gendarmerie of the waves who wanted to testify in the bar. Without his GPS, "the plane doesn't know where it is flying", which can be catastrophic. Other events occurred in France, and sometimes the detection was more complicated. This is especially true when a violating driver passes near the airport every day without stopping.
This case? He is employed in Africa and can run the risk of being tracked and robbed. He always puts it in the safe so as not to forget it. Except this time, he stayed there. “The mission is in Burkina Faso, a less dangerous country,” the accused said.
Who was flying to the man Burkina Faso had parked his car in the parking lot, let her stylish GPS jammer cigarette lighter, quoted Ouest France. When he turned off the car engine, he didn't know his plane was working. However, the scrambling frequency disrupts the flow and prevents the pilot from using their own GPS. It is necessary to ask for the National Frequency Bureau located near Nantes, which sends an experimental truck to detect and disable the jammer.