What is the differences between the phone jammer and wifi blocker

The mobile phone jammer was originally developed for law enforcement and the military to disrupt criminal and terrorist communications. Bombs dropping out in Spain in March 2004, as well as bombs exploding in Bali in October 2002, and Jakarta in August 2003 rely on mobile phones to trigger explosives. A mobile jammer reportedly prevented the assassination attempt on Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf in December 2003.
But it can also be used illegally and inappropriately. At the more suspicious end of the spectrum of legitimacy, there are rumors that hotel chain jammers are preventing the mobile phones from making any use of users and forcing them to use interior phones at high rates.
And later cell phone jammers became widespread for large places like prisons, classrooms. You can find out that your cell phones do not have signals in some cinemas, church, court or meeting room where a clip device can be used. Then, if a person forgets to turn off their cellphone and has no ringing of the cellphone phone, the cellphone phone interfering device works well and the conference can remain quiet. Cell phone blockers can also be dangerous in areas where radio transmission is dangerous (areas with potentially explosive gases), such as As chemical storage or grain elevators can be used.
In addition, the company uses WLAN Jammer to stop society's espionage by blocking the voice and photo transmissions of cameras and cell phones.
Than we talk about wifi jammers.There are desktop wifi jammer and portable wifi jammer.I believe that my dear ladies or gentlemen, you have seen that the jammers are different than their size. Some are portable and easy to carry, and others are desktop and larger and not as easy to carry as the portable jammer, which is very obvious.
But in addition, the desktop jammer have no car charger and can only work when you connect it to the power adapter, while the portable wifi jammers all car charger, built-in battery and can jammer like a cell phone except the small GPS, the work, when connected in electric lighter.
And the other difference you should know is that the heat dissipation of the Stationary jammer is higher than the portable jammer because they are bigger in size and have some built-in fans.