GPS L2 Frequency 1220MHz - 1230MHz

GPS currently uses five major frequency bands, of which the GPS L2 band is one of the civilian signal types. Like the L1, it is primarily civilian. For example, our mobile phone and car navigation systems use and receive the frequency of common GPS satellite signals.Therefore, in order to counter GPS satellite signals, the GPS jammer purchased are mainly the signal frequencies of L1 and L2.

Portable GSM 3G 4G Jammer WiFi GPS Blocker Devices

gps portable jammer

5 bands handheld jammer has several signal shielding combination, including the whole GPS frequency (L1 - L5) interference,gsm 3g 4g wifi signal also will be blocked,jamming radius up 20m.


2 Bands Handheld High Power GPS L1 L2 Jammer For Car

jammer l1 l2 gps

The portable vehicle gps jammer jam GPS L1 L2 tracking frequencies at the same time.It can help you protect your locate informations,and the jamming radius up to 15 meters.


Portable GSM 3G 4G WiFi Blocker GPS LoJack Tracking Jammer

lojack gps blocker

This jammer can block all mobile phones signal,like GSM, DCS, PCS, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE.the Lojack GPS tracking and wireless WIFI / bluetooth also in the range of the shielding frequency,jamming radius up 30 meters.


UHF VHF Jammer Block GSM 3G 4G GPS WiFi Adjustable

desk jammer gps tracking

This desktop 6 antenna powerful jammer can adjust the interference power and range. Built-in cooling fan and good heat dissipation can work for a long time.The jamming radius up to 50 meters.


Jammer by Frequency

GPS L1 1500MHz - 1600MHz Frequency - GPS L3 Frequency 1200MHz - 1210MHz - GPS L4 1250MHz - 1280MHz - GPS L5 1170MHz - 1180MHz