Professional Cell Phone Blocker Device for GSM 3G 4G LTE Signal

Handheld multifunctional mobile signal jammer you can buy has always been committed to the best quality and moderate price of cellphone blocker.Do industry leader is the goal we have been pursuing, therefore our team after unremitting efforts, in promoting the quality of products at the same time, the price of the product with stronger competitiveness.

Students use phone, not only affect their study, also affect other students learning,affect the efficiency of the teacher.Schools can be installed using cell phone jammer diy to stop the practice. Besides, some one can eavesdrop your conversations by intercepting your phone signal blocker.And they can also track you through signal tower triangulation which is not the same with the GPS.You can buy 4g phone jammers from the following products.

The market of cell jammers is so powerful that not only basic GSM 3G 4G phone signal be disturbed, can also jamming with GPS or WiFi signal. Of course, we have a variety of frequency jammers, you can according to your need to purchase, now multiple frequency adjustable portable jammer more popular.

In the category we provide you the powerful mobile blockers that used in the room like church and handheld jammers for someone that need to protect their privacy or confidential informations.And if you want to find a device against GPS tracking,you can visit the GPS jammer category.

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    Portable Multifunctional GPS WIFI Bluetooth Video Audio Signal Jammers

    This 5 antennas signal jammer is one of the most popular portable small shape jammer. It blocks almost all phone frequencies. It supports bluetooth, WIFI, GPS and wireless video/audio signals.

    Handheld vehicle cell phone jammer has multiple signal combinations, jamming with GSM,3G,4G, bluetooth, WIFI, GPS and wireless video/audio signals.Jamming radius up 20 meters.

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    Handheld GSM 3G Jammer GPS WIFI Remote Frequency 433 315 868MHz

    The handheld GPS scrambler block GPS GSM 3G signal at the same time.15 meters radius is enough to keep your privacy safe. Car charger provide for you.

    This portable jammer is very popular nowadays. Jamming with GSM 3G , GPS, WiFi . It has the characteristics of light weight and small volume. Interfere radius up 15 meters.

    This gsm signal blocker interfere with GSM 3G GPS WiFi 315 433 868 depends on your needs, small and portable features. Maximum jamming radius of 15 meters,car charger is standard.

    4 bands mobile cell phone jammer  block GSM 3G phone signal, remote frequency 433 315 868 , WiFi GPS signal.Jamming radius up to15 meters.

portable armband gsm 3g 4g signal jammer

    Portable Hidden GSM 3G 4G GPS or WiFi Jammer

    The signal jammer block all cell phone signal GSM 3G 4G, GPS or WiFi signals depend on your choice. Easy carry and hidden,can be carried on the arm,jamming radius up 20 meters.

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    5 Bands High Power Desktop Cell Phone WiFi Signal Jammer Adjustable

    The desktop wireless jammer can block GSM UMTS LTE WiFi signals.With high heat dissipation, the wireless signal jammer can work for a long time continuously.

    Desktop adjustable phone jammer jamming GSM LTE  UMTS WiFi. With good heat dissipation system can work for a long time.Jamming radius up to 40 meters.

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