2-10 meters signal blocker sale with reasonable price

The signal jammers are based on the strength of the power, the interference radius is different, and you can provide 2-10 meters of signal interferers for you, which you can choose from the interference radius range of your own needs, which can interfere with GPS, wifi, GSM and 3g signals, all products are sold at reasonable price.The popular cell phone signal jammer is available for you.This category to show you the product can interfere with the GSM, GPS, 3 g, wifi, the mini portable design, is convenient for your travel and outdoor use, no matter where you go can be used.

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usb gps jammers

    Mini USB Jammer Portable GPS Signal Blocker

    GPS signal jammer is designed like a usb flash drive, easy carry and hidden put it in your pocket. Usb port design can be used directly for your phone, computer and car.

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