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Car Use GPS Jammers,GPS Blockers for Car

With the development of GPS technology, our car is equipped with GPS, which can accurately know the position of our car, and then we can calculate our speed, which is excellent for traffic safety. But if by the use of GPS tracking to us, so we will be in danger, when you go out to avoid GPS tracking, using GPS jammers is your best choice.If you need to use the jammers in the car,here we suggest that you can use these blockers in this catergory.The car GPS jammer here, we provide car charger for you, convenient for your car to use.

The improvement of our living standards, cars and mobile phones are the most obvious products that technology brings to us. Improvement of living standards, almost every family has at least one car, car as a traffic tool, is traffic participants, involves the traffic safety and security, so in order to monitor the state of the car, now the production of car will be equipped with GPS function. Cars have GPS function is a good thing, can we travel, does not get lost in the strange place, there is another advantage is the car has GPS, if your car has been stolen, you can back by GPS positioning, it is convenient. Of course, there will be a problem with your car being tracked, exposing your trail to the eyes of the wrongdoer, and doing other things that are bad for you. In many countries, the track is very common things, so drivers will choose to buy a portable GPS jammers from our store, it can block the GPS signal, let you the whereabouts of not being followed.

For vehicle GPS jammers, we are professional in both manufacturing and marketing. We provide customers with a lot of portable high quality products with competitive price. If you're still worried about your car being tracked by GPS and threatening your security, buying a jammer now is a clear decision.

multifunctional gps wifi lojack jammer

Portable cell phone GPS LoJack Tracking Blocker 2G 3G 4G WiFi Jammer

This portable signal jammer device jamming multiple signals such as GSM/3G/4G LTE,WiFi,GPS/LoJack tracking signal. Handheld wireless jammer disturbance radius up 30 meters.

GPS Wireless video phone signal jammer

Portable Mobile Phone GSM 3G 4G GPS WIFI Wireless Video Jammers

5 antennas signal jammer is the most popular portable small jammer. It blocks almost all phone frequencies. It jamming bluetooth, WIFI, GPS and wireless video signals.Jamming radius up 20m.Handheld cell phone jammer  jamming GSM 3G 4G WIFI bluetooth GPS(L1 - L5) and wireless video. Jamming radius up to 20 meters,it's one of the most powerful portable jammer in the jammer store.

6 bands phone gsm 3g 4g jammer

Handheld GPS WIFI GSM 3G 4G LTE Mobile Phone Frequency Jammer

Portable mobile signal jammer block GSM 3G 4G GPS WiFI.Handheld design convenient for your outdoor jamming.The maximum jamming radius up 20 meters. It perhaps the most popular mobile jamming device in the world.

handheld GSM 3G phone blocker online

Portable Mobile GSM 3G Phone Jammer Blocking WIFI GPS Frequency

The handheld signal blocker can jam GSM GPS 3G signal at the same time. Car charger provide for you convenient use anywhere in the vehicle.Up 15 meters radius is enough to keep your privacy safe.

mini Cigarette lighter GPS jammer for car

Portable Lightweight Cigarette Lighter GPS Jamming Device for Car

This mini lightweight gps signal blockers for car is most popular on the market and sale cheaper,block car satellite tracking frequency,for vehicle cigarette lighter can work long hours without being limited by batteries, jamming radius up 15 meters.

handheld gsm blocker remote jammers wifi

Portable GSM 3G WIFI GPS 433 315 868MHz Remote Control Jammer

The most popular 4 bands handheld GSM signal jammer can jamming GSM 3G  WIFI GPS 433MHz 315MHz 868MHz,jamming radius max up 15 meters.This 4 bands portable and lightweight multi-functional wireless jamming device blocking signal array including GSM+3G+WIFI,GPS+WIFI.The jamming radius is 15 meters strong enough, free shipping.

military camouflage gsm phone jammers

Handheld camouflage Jammer GSM 3G 4G LTE WiFi GPS Lojack Blocker

Handheld military camouflage phone jammer  wide jamming GSM 3G 4G WiFi GPS and Lojack.Multiple signal type combination multifunction signal jammer for your choice.Jamming radius up to 20 meters.

Radio Frequency Jammer 315 433 868MHz Blocker

Radio Frequency Jammer 315 433 868MHz Blocker

Jamming 868,315,433MHz,the car remote control jammer has a radius of 30-100 meters.