3 Bands Jammer

High quality Jammers with 3 antennas are in this category now.Choose what you want and what signal you want to block.Handheld 3 antenna signal jammer can intercept, three kinds of signal with car charger, you can use for your car, so that can ensure that your car not tracked by the GPS signal tracking, you can rest assured go where you want to go. Protect your privacy from eavesdropping.The signal jammer device that you want to interfere with, we will provide for you here, if you don't have the right, you can contact our customer service for customization. We will customize your signal jamming device for you.

Radio Frequency Jammer 315 433 868MHz Blocker

This is a high power remote control jammer.Jamming 868,315,433MHz,it has a radius of 30-100 meters.

Technical Specs: Radius:100m Weight:1kg Size:178x77x37mm Warranty:One Year


3 Bands Small Light Weight Portable Handheld GSM 3G Jammer GPS Blocker

The small portable jammer for GSM ,GPS is your choice against the GPS tracking devices and A-GPS trackers.It is very convenient and flexible for small size and lightweight with the radius up to 15 meters.Also cheap and cost low.

Technical Specs: Radius:15m Weight:400g Size:113×60×30mm Warranty:One Year

$97.99 $169.69

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Buy powerful mobile phone signal jammer, you can choose here, according to the number of antennas, jammer is more suitable for your selection.

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professional cell phone blocker is our common jamming device. It is widely used in our daily life. It is widely used in many fields, including schools, libraries and prisons.The mini GPS jammer has the characteristics of portability, which is very convenient for the use of our cars, and it also matches the car charger.The wifi blocker can block the wifi signal, which is a good tool for you not to let others use wifi network, especially for your wifi security, so as to avoid being attacked.GSM network is one of the earliest networks we use, it has very difficult to be interfered with, but the GSM jammer can block it.