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Remote Control Jammer Jamming 315MHz 433MHz 868MHz Frequencies

The development of science and technology to make a lot of electronic equipment are used the design of the remote control, remote control can be in a remote to control your appliances, don't let you personally went to the electronics for button operation, it is very convenient, you can within the scope of the remote control to be very good control, now popular TV, refrigerator, air conditioner and so on are the design of the remote control can be controlled, the other car is adopted, the car also use remote control, remote control design is the main way of control, very convenient for people's life. However, it can be easy to pair the remote control, which is not safe for your articles, so the remote control jammer is necessary.

Unmanned aerial vehicles are popular unmanned devices in recent years and are controlled by remote control, and some of the remote-controlled aircraft we often see are tiny ones. As technology improvement, carrying on the remote control plane camera, wifi or bluetooth connection, can meet the demand for aviation shot, you can often see some in the neighborhood they play lovers of uav, on the surrounding environment, scenery under the sky, that's a good experience. But for your home, it's possible to steal your privacy from the window, a violation of our privacy. You should take measures to guard against it. We have provided you with a drone jammer kit device for the possibility of flying drones.

The frequencies of remote control devices mainly include 315MHz,433MHz,868MHz.They are widely used in our life such as the remotes from TV,air conditioners,car locks,toy car and planes.Thus the remote control jammers in this category can make these control useless.These high power jammers, some of which can even interfere with GPS, GSM, WiFi signals, are very powerful.


But the real significant usage of the jammers is that it can protect you from the potential spying from the surveillance drones.Because nowadays the remotely control robots,remote vehicles and other remote control drones are very popular.And many people make these devices become their shooting instruments to take photos or videos and they work quite well.To avoid such drones getting close to your house and spying on you,the remote control jammer is one of your choices.And if you are afraid of some hidden monitors snooping you,you may need the UHF/VHF jammer.

powerful signal jammer wifi lojack

High power Jammer Signal Frequencies Jamming Device Adjustable

8 Bands Desktop high power blocker device (adjustable) jamming all GSM 3G 4G mobile phone signal and GPS WIFI lojack,jamming radius up to 50 meters. 

handheld gsm blocker remote jammers wifi

Portable GSM 3G WIFI GPS 433 315 868MHz Remote Control Jammer

The most popular 4 bands handheld GSM signal jammer can jamming GSM 3G  WIFI GPS 433MHz 315MHz 868MHz,jamming radius max up 15 meters.This 4 bands portable and lightweight multi-functional wireless jamming device blocking signal array including GSM+3G+WIFI,GPS+WIFI.The jamming radius is 15 meters strong enough, free shipping.

wireless jammer GSM 3G GPS wifi

Desktop WiFi Signal GSM 3G GPS Jammer Devices Adjustable

Desktop 4 antennas wifi signal blocker can jamming GSM 3G WIFI GPS signal, and 315MHz 433MHz 868MHz remote control frequency. The maximum interference radius of all interference frequency types is 30 meters.

Radio Frequency Jammer 315 433 868MHz Blocker

Radio Frequency Jammer 315 433 868MHz Blocker

Jamming 868,315,433MHz,the car remote control jammer has a radius of 30-100 meters.

portable 10 antennas cell phone jammer

10 Bands Portable WiFi GPS Lojack Phone Jammer Powerful

This is a multi-band handheld wifi and mobile phone signal jammer with 10 antennas, jamming 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi 2.4G/5.8G, GPS L1 - L5, Lojack, Walkie-Talkie UHF/VHF+CDMA450, 315MHz 433MHz 868MHz, radius up to 20 meters, convenient for anywhere.