High power wide range jammer 30-50 meters provide here

Radius of 30 to 50 meters interference of jammer device belongs to high power signal jammers device, widely used in military and security for prison, is suitable for the occasion, more can interfere with the signal and the frequency band is more, this kind of equipment mainly desktop design, but the volume is not much, will not take up your place.Use it in your home, your office, or your car. Using them, your child will put the phone down and not be addicted to mobile games, but will return to their homework. Your lover will put down his cell phone, not indulge in online novels, and will spend more time with you. Your car won't have to worry about being tracked by a GPS tracker, and your whereabouts will be safe when it's working.

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    5 Bands High Power Desktop Cell Phone WiFi Signal Jammer Adjustable

    The desktop wireless jammer can block GSM UMTS LTE WiFi signals.With high heat dissipation, the wireless signal jammer can work for a long time continuously.

    Desktop adjustable phone jammer jamming GSM LTE  UMTS WiFi. With good heat dissipation system can work for a long time.Jamming radius up to 40 meters.

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