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Desktop And Portable 4 Bands Jammer Signal Scrambler For Sale

4 antenna of mobile phone jammers equipment start with the design of the desktop, desktop jammer designed mainly for some families, offices, meeting rooms, etc place prohibited for mobile phone, as we know, the process of meeting need to ban mobile phone bell rang, avoid meeting is interrupted, it is not civilized behavior. Office of mobile phone is also banned in many enterprises, the use of mobile phones seriously affected the work efficiency, it is a lot of what the boss is not willing to see, so the cell phone jammer during the work bench will ban cell phone signal.Here shows the signal blockers with 4 antennas.They can block cell phone signals like GSM PCS 3G 4GLTE or other combinations the you choose. In a word,they can block 4 frequencies at the same time.4 antennas jammer is one of our more common interference device, this kind of cell phone jammers have desktop and portable design, can be used for more occasions, according to the different place, you can choose different design modelling, desktop for your home and office use are excellent. Hand-held mobile jammer intercepts GPS signals to facilitate your travel and privacy.

The jamming frequencies of the 4 bands desktop jammer includes GSM,3G and GPS.It can deal with the A-GPS tracking to protect your privacy and be used in many places with the radius up to 30 meters.

Technical Specs: Radius:30m Weight:3.2kg Size:210 x 50 x170mm Warranty:One Year
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This adjustable WiFi jammer is very powerful with the radius up to 30 meters.It is multi-functional and 4 frequencies is configurable in the blocker at the same time.Supports WiFi, GSM,3G,GPS,315,433 and 868MHz.

Technical Specs: Radius:30m Weight:3.2kg Size:210 x 50 x170mm Warranty:One Year
$332.99 $642.99
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The high power 4 antenna handheld mobile phone gsm 3g signal jammer is a good tool, it has a variety of shielding signal type combination, with light weight, small volume, easy to carry, easy to hide and other characteristics, it is very popular on the market at present the jammer device. The radius is 15 meters. It's enough to stop the phone around you and have a good environment around you.

Technical Specs: Weight:500g Size:110x62x30mm Warranty:One Year
$265.14 $575.14
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Welcome to jammer-buy.com signal jammers professional marketing shop, here will provide you with the wifi jammer you need equipment, the electronic signal jammer here than the other website price is low, the quality is absolutely guaranteed, and we have very good customer service, provide you with comfortable after-sales service.Here according to the number of antenna for you to make a simple classification, all you need to buy more number of antenna jammer you can filter from here, far more powerful than select antenna jammer for signal shielding type is more extensive, thorough to prevent signal tracking, through signal theft behavior occurs.

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It is necessary to buy the cell phone jammer kit we need, to intercept the annoying phone calls, and to protect our mobile phones.GPS jammers is also very important for military equipment, GPS can pinpoint our location, for the military, the location of the exposed will bring a great harm, so the GPS signal jammer device can provide a layer of protection to your location.Do you think prisons use wifi blocker to deal with cybercriminals or hackers who attack other people's devices?The GSM signal jammer lets you stay away from phone harassment, secure work and rest.