Car GPS Jammer Blocker Anti Tracking Device

GPS technology has a wide range of use cases in our lives, which can provide convenience for our life and may bring us hidden threats. Satellite positioning and satellite navigation are convenient for you, as well as for criminals. Are you still worried about your trip being tracked by illegal molecules? Buying a handheld GPS signal blocker can help you get out of the track. Car satellite positioning jammer is one of the most popular portable gps jammers jamming devices on the market.The classified satellite signal jammer device can block all satellite tracking signals so that you are no longer subject to tracking.

In additional to the satellite tracking,there is a advanced technology which combines it and the smartphone navigation system,called A-GPS technology.To deal with the tracking with the technology inside,we provide you the multifunction satellite tracking cell phone signal blocking GSM Jammers

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    Handheld GSM 3G Jammer GPS WIFI Remote Frequency 433 315 868MHz

    The handheld GPS scrambler block GPS GSM 3G signal at the same time.15 meters radius is enough to keep your privacy safe. Car charger provide for you.

    This portable jammer is very popular nowadays. Jamming with GSM 3G , GPS, WiFi . It has the characteristics of light weight and small volume. Interfere radius up 15 meters.

    This gsm signal blocker interfere with GSM 3G GPS WiFi 315 433 868 depends on your needs, small and portable features. Maximum jamming radius of 15 meters,car charger is standard.

    4 bands mobile cell phone jammer  block GSM 3G phone signal, remote frequency 433 315 868 , WiFi GPS signal.Jamming radius up to15 meters.

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    Mini USB Jammer Portable GPS Signal Blocker

    GPS signal jammer is designed like a usb flash drive, easy carry and hidden put it in your pocket. Usb port design can be used directly for your phone, computer and car.

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