Portable GPS Jammer Vehicle Tracking Signal Blocker

GPS trackers are commonly used worldwide for vehicle tracking and personal tracking.GPS technology has a wide range of use cases,can provide convenience for our life,but also may bring us hidden threats.  Are you still worried about your trip being tracked by illegal molecules? Buying a handheld anti tracking jammer can help you get out of the track. Car anti gps jammer is one of the most popular jamming devices on the market.The classified satellite signal jammer device can block all satellite tracking signals so that you are no longer subject to tracking.

In additional to the satellite tracking,there is a advanced technology which combines it and the smartphone navigation system,called A-GPS technology.To deal with the tracking with the technology inside,we provide you the multifunction satellite tracking cell phone signal blocking GSM Jammers

mini Cigarette lighter GPS jammer for car

    Portable Lightweight Cigarette Lighter GPS Jamming Device for Car

    This mini lightweight gps signal blockers for car is most popular on the market and sale cheaper,block car satellite tracking frequency,for vehicle cigarette lighter can work long hours without being limited by batteries, jamming radius up 15 meters.

packet mini gsm 3g jamming blocker

    Handheld Pocket GPS Tracking Jammer GSM 3G WiFi Signal Blocker

    Handheld pocket jammer jamming GSM+3G, GPS, WiFi signal types depends on your choice.Easy to hide and use,the maximum jamming radius up 10 meters, removable battery, delivery car charger, so you can use it anywhere that you want to jamming the signal.

handheld anti gps signal scrambler jammer

    Portable GSM 3G 4G Jammer GPS Blocker WiFi Jamming Devices

    This 5 bands black shell portable gps signal blocker has three anti satellite tracking signal combinations  for your choice,  excellent texture. Radius of jamming can be up 20 meters. It is one of the most popular jammers in the jamming market today.

portable vehicle gps tracking blockers

    2 Bands High Power Handheld GPS Signal Jammers Mini For Car

    The handheld anti tracking jamming device can block satellite tracker. Easy carry and use for your car, 2 bands portable jammer and it has a very wide range of interference radius up to 15 meters.It is a movement protection device that is favored by the driver.

handheld GSM 3G phone blocker online

    Portable GSM 3G Mobile Jammer Blocking GPS WIFI Remote Frequency

    The handheld signal blocker can jam GPS GSM 3G signal at the same time. Car charger provide for you convenient use anywhere in the vehicle.Up 15 meters radius is enough to keep your privacy safe.

    This portable jammer is very popular nowadays. Jamming with GSM 3G , GPS, WiFi . It has the characteristics of light weight and small volume. Interfere radius up 15 meters.

    This gsm signal blocker interfere with GSM 3G GPS WiFi 315 433 868 depends on your needs, small and portable features. Maximum jamming radius of 15 meters,car charger is standard.

    Handheld mobile jammer can block GSM 3G mobile cellular signal, remote control frequency 433MHz 315MHz 868MHz , WiFi and GPS.The black shell and portable design make it easy to hidden and use.The maximum jamming distance up 15 meters,best tool for you to protect privacy.

portable jammer for anti car tracking

    Handheld GPS Signal Jammers Jamming Vehicle Satellite Tracking

    Handheld gps satellite signal jammer compact and lightweight and car charger makes it easy for you to use anywhere.,distribute car charger. It is an artifact of anti-tracking by car drivers and the maximum jamming radius is 15 meters depends on your area.

mini usb gps blockers for phone/pc

    Mini Portable USB GPS Frequency Jammer Easy Hidden and Use

    This U disk design gps signal jammer for anti satellite tracking, mini shape make it easy carry and hidden, usb port design can be used directly for your phone, computer and car. For such a small shape, the 5 meter interference radius is the most powerful.

high power desktop 8 antennas GPS scrambler

    8 Bands Desktop Jammer Block GSM 3G 4G GPS WiFi Lojack Powerful

    This desktop pwoerful jammer with 8 antennas can jamming cellular signal GSM 3G 4G and WiFi GPS Lojack frequency, built in two cooling fans to ensure good heat dissipation for work, desktop multi-antenna design makes it jamming radius up to 30 meters.It is powerful enough and very popular in the world.




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As you probably already know, now the satellite signal tracking may be useful to your location, not only will invade your privacy, because the law enforcement agencies in different countries will be the location of the relevant action authorization. They will within a tracking device on your vehicle, it can help them to know that any of your information, real-time and monitor your position at will, because these countries/regions of privacy law is not complete. In order to help you cope with such things, it is necessary to take appropriate protective measures, so you must use GPS jammer. These devices can prevent any country's satellite tracking system from knowing where you are. The only exception is the iridium satellite network, but we have a special device.
In addition to GPS trackers, there are devices that can be used to help you get tracked: your car or your smartphone. Generally, all modern smartphones have built-in GPS chip modules. This module allows law enforcement agencies or the communication operators access to your location based data information, at the same time can also be in the absence of authorization, government employees can track all your actions, track your vehicle. It can perform the same function as a tracking device. But, you also need not worry too much, you order in our store to buy our tracking products, it can be very good to protect your privacy, more important is it to keep the information on your location and moving safely avoid strangers.