Car GPS Jammer Blocker Anti Tracking Device

GPS is the United States began to be developed from the 70 s this century, 20 years, at a cost of $20 billion, completed in 1994, is in the air, sea and land for all-round real-time three-dimensional navigation and positioning capability of a new generation of satellite navigation and positioning system. After nearly 10 years of China's surveying and mapping departments use show that GPS with all-weather, high precision, automation, high benefit and other significant characteristics, win the trust of the surveying and mapping workers, and successfully applied in geodesy, engineering surveying, aerial survey, vehicle navigation and control, crustal movement monitoring, engineering deformation monitoring, resource survey, earth dynamics and other disciplines, which brings to the field of surveying and mapping a profound technological revolution.

With the continuous improvement of global positioning system, the continuous improvement of hardware and software, the application field is continuously expanding, develop more and more perfect,the GPS system includes three parts: the space part - GPS satellite constellation; Ground control part - ground monitoring system; User equipment part - GPS signal it is widely used in our life.It is convenient for us,but meanwhile,it poses a threat to our privacy because people can use the GPS to track you easily. And we all know that the modern smartphones all have embedded GPS module which can provide your geolocation data.To protect your privacy,these GPS blockers in the category can all block the GPS signal which can help you prevent the GPS tracking.

Are you still worried about your self-driving tour or your whereabouts being tracked by illegal molecules? Both GPS and GPS signal interceptors are developing in a fierce battle. Here we introduced the GPS signal jammer device, the GPS signal interference technology development is very good, here mostly have to begin with, portable GPS jammers, interference spectrum, a wide range of characteristics, these characteristics make it popular, also provides a car charger, car gps jammer is a typical representative of the popular GPS jammers.

In additional to the GPS tracking,there is a advanced technology which combines the GPS and the smartphone navigation system,called A-GPS technology.To deal with the tracking with the technology inside,we provide you the mixed GPS, GSM Jammers. Have a portable GPS jammer that lets you get rid of GPS tracking and buy it quickly.

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    4 Bands Cheap Handheld Cell Phone Blocker,GPS WIFI Jamming

    This handheld mini GPS jammer is very popular in the market. It interferes with GPS, GSM, WiFi and 3G signals. Distribution car charger, can be used for car.

    This gsm signal blocker can interfere with GSM, 3g, GPS and WiFi signals simultaneously, and has small and portable features. Car charger can easily use of your car.

    This portable handheld jammer is very popular nowadays. It jamming with GSM, GPS, WiFi and 3G signal. It has the characteristics of light weight and small volume. Interfere with a diameter of 15 meters.

    This mobile cell phone jammer is very popular nowadays. It jamming with GSM, GPS, WiFi and 3G signal. It has the characteristics of light weight and small volume. The jamming radius is 15 meters.

Effective Handheld GPS Signal Jammer with One Band
External 2 Fans 8 Bands Desktop Jammer 2G/3G/4G Cell Phone Signal GPS WiFi Lojack
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High Power Handheld GPS L1,L2 Jammer with 2 Bands

    High Power Handheld GPS L1,L2 Jammer with 2 Bands

    The handheld GPS jamming device can block the GPS L1,L2 signals and protect you from  GPS positioning tracking.It is very small,a portable jammer, but powerful with the radius up to 15 meters.