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mini pocket gps jammer
mini pocket gps jammer
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Handheld Pocket GPS Tracking Jammer GSM WiFi 3G Signal Blocker

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Model: EO03101US

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Product Description:

The GPS jammer is equipped with small portable features that are extremely portable and easy to use outdoors, with a radius of up to 10 meters. The main jamming signal types can be divided into GSM 3G,GPS and WIFI.

With built-in battery this pocket gps signal jammer can work for 2 hours each charge.Besides,we offer you the AC power adapter and car charge for your convenience.



Jamming radius: 10 meters (Depending on operator signal field strength)

Power supply: AC power adapter and car charger

Adapters : AC 110 ~ 240V / DC 4.2V

Battery: 1200mA

Weight: 290g

Dimensions: 95 x 48 x 18mm


Product Images:

4g jammer block signal cell phone jamming device signal jammer blocker mobile phone jammer