Powerful Functional Signal Jamming Blocker $400 - $500 Popular

The progress and development of science and technology, information data security appears particularly important. Nowadays, many mobile phones have GPS positioning function, which is convenient for us, but also convenient for criminals. As a result, people are becoming more and more pay attention to the mobile phone information security and personal GPS tracking information, especially the development of GPS tracking technology in recent years very quickly, in order to avoid being tracked, multi-function mobile signal, GPS signal jammer has become more and more popular, became the tools to protect themselves.Cell phones are important to our life and work of electronic devices, we most of the information stored in, including the privacy of our lives, property account information, these information is very important to us, will be lost. So protecting the phone is the first thing we need to do. Information leakage, loss and theft can cause serious damage to us, which may be used by criminals to conduct criminal activities against us. To ensure the safety of mobile data, it is necessary to start with the network signals needed for mobile phone work, GSM, 3g, 4g, and wifi signal can be used. So the wifi security that the phone connects to is important, the portable wifi jammer is what you need.

8 Antennas Wi-Fi Signal Jammer 3G 4G Phone signal Blocker with 2.4G 5.8G
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    Portable Hidden Antenna GSM 3G 4G GPS Blocker or WiFi Jammer

    The signal jammer has a wide range of jamming frequencies, can block many phone signal as CDMA GSM DCS 3G 4G LTE 4G Wimax. The GPS or WiFi blocked depend on your choice. Easy carry and hidden,can be carried on the arm,jamming radius up 20 meters.

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    Desktop GSM 3G 4G Jammer Block GPS WiFi UHF VHF Signal Adjustable

    6 bands desktop high power jammer with three jamming combination GSM+3G+4G, GSM+3G+GPS+WiFi, GSM+3G+UHF+VHF for you to choose.According to the signal intensity in a given area block radius can be up to 50 meters.It may be the most popular desktop blocker in the office or home.