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60501 Portable Whole Mobile Phone WiFi Signal Jammer

The jammer can block wifi and all cell phone signals with antenna cover.Its jamming radius is up to 20 meters.This signal blocker is definitely your best choice if you need a general portable phone jamming device.

Technical Specs: Radius:20m Weight:900g Size:230x90x50mm Warranty:One Year

$450.89 $680.99

6 Bands Adjustable GSM/3G/4G Mobile Phone Jammer GPS WIFI UHF VHF Signal Blocker

The adjustable jammer can almost jam all cell phone frequencies,WIFI,GPS,UHF and VHF.It is specially designed for the places like school exam room,court,church,prisons etc for its radius up to 50 meters.

Technical Specs: Output Power:15W Weight:2500g Size:140 X 51 X 305mm Warranty:One Year

$448.49 $946.89

Portable GSM 3G 4G Cell Phone Jammer GPS Jamming Devices High Power WiFi Blocker 5 Bands

As a professional GPS Jammer, this handheld jammer can block GPS L1-L5 frequencies so that it can make sure no one can track you.Besides,you can choose other signals jamming combination such as GSM/3G/WIFI/GPS blocker and more.

Technical Specs: Output Power:3W Weight:500g Size:120 X 74 X 29 mm Warranty:One Year

$259.89 $648.99

6 Bands Handheld Cell Phone Signal Jammer 3G 4G LTE Frequency Blocker

This GSM/3G/4G cell phone signal jammer is a professional cell phone blocker that needs to be treated accordingly. It gives you real flexibility when it comes to wireless signal protection. It also supports GPS signals if you want.

Technical Specs: Output Power:3W Weight:750g Size:112 X 62 X 32 mm Warranty:One Year

$339.99 $739.99

8 Bands Adjustable High power Jammer All Frequencies Jamming Desktop Powerful Jammer

This 8 bands high power jammer,as you can see, has wide jamming frequencies and radius up to 50 meters.And to meet your requirements,several configurations are available for you.

Technical Specs: Radius:50m Output Power:19W Weight:3.2kg Size:140x51x350 mm Warranty:One Year

$540.49 $890.89






In recent years, wireless technology and GPS technology has been developing rapidly, a variety of electronic products are adopting the advanced technology equipment, such as popular now watch phone, smart phone, no one technology, artificial intelligence and so on all is the best embodiment of the technology. These technologies and devices have greatly facilitated our lives, but the problems have also come with threats to our privacy security. In order to better protect privacy and personal safety, using jammers has become their primary measure.

Here in jammer-buy.com you can find some different signal jammers,such as the mobile phone jammers which can block cell phone signals, the GPS signal jammers which can help you prevent GPS tracking,the WiFi jammers that can jam wireless signals and so on.Besides,of course, we offer drone jammers aimed at the world's most popular drones.Most of the jammers can interfere with a variety of frequency bands, such as 3G/4G cellular signals. Not only does it provide the use of cars for cars, but also for the use of the office, it also provides a personal use that really protects your personal whereabouts. some hidden cameras are also provided here. All our devices are meant to satisfy the needs of our customers in the most effective and reliable way and that is why we are constantly improving our products and services. To make sure that you will get effectively working quality product we perform many different tests with our devices.Come and find the best online deals on everything for you.

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