UHF VHF Jammer,Low Frequencies Blocker for Talkies,Monitors

In communication technology, VHF is the abbreviation of Very High Frequency, or VHF, which refers to radio waves from 30Mhz to 300MHz, with a wavelength range of 1m~10m. Most are used as radio and television stations, as well as air and sea communication channels. UHF is a radio wave with a Frequency of 300~3000MHz and a wavelength of 1m~1dm. The radio waves in this band are also known as decimeter waves.The VHF and UHF are low frequencies.They are used for many devices in our life.For example,the security walkie-talkies, mainly held by the police and security personnel, use these frequencies to work.What's more,if you live in the big city, you can see many monitors,or CCTV  cameras in the buildings,streets which all work with the UHF/VHF frequencies.And some monitors may be decorated in the hiden places that you didn't know they are spying on you,which violate your privacy right.The UHF/VHF jammer can interfere the signals so that the spy camera cannot see you anymore.

Radio waves are a lot of technology in our lives, but we don't have a lot of information about the characteristics and applications of this radio wave. If you are a physical researcher, you will certainly have a deeper insight into it. The category in our store is to recommend some of the jammers on this radio wave. Jammer is very common in today's life and every area of our lives has need to use it, not just the familiar school students use mobile phone jammers is prohibited. For some important secret units, state agencies are very seriously, to the security of information and of these radio waves can cause data is lost or stolen, the UHF VHF jammer is particularly important.

Of course,there are many methods which can throw a threat to your privacy today like utilizing the wireless signals.Thus the WiFi blocker can help you.

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