UHF VHF Jammer,Low Frequencies Blocker for Talkies,Monitors

The VHF and UHF are low frequencies (130-180MHz,420-480MHz).They are used for many devices in our life.For example,the security walkie-talkies, mainly held by the police and security personnel, use these frequencies to work.What's more,if you live in the big city, you can see many monitors,or CCTV  cameras in the buildings,streets which all work with the UHF/VHF frequencies.And some monitors may be decorated in the hiden places that you didn't know they are spying on you,which violate your privacy right.The UHF/VHF jammer can interfere the signals so that the spy camera cannot see you anymore.


Of course,there are many methods which can throw a threat to your privacy today like utilizing the wireless signals.Thus the WiFi blocker can help you.

UHF VHF Jammer
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Unajustable Mobile Phone Jammer Frequency Jamming include LoJack
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