Directional drone Jammer Remote Aircraft UAV Blocker

Uav flying phenomenon may lead to serious consequences, should formulate corresponding regulations for unmanned aerial vehicle, in order to prevent the unmanned aerial vehicle caused irreparable damage, should use drone jammer.


Now with the development of science and technology, artificial intelligence, unmanned technology developing rapidly, now in the market out of uav, the presence of the unmanned aerial vehicle to solve the many problems, to explore new places itself cannot reach place, people can make use of them to observe and give people different life experience. In modern battlefields, drones can be used as reconnaissance.


And for some converted remote controlled surveillance drones,the remote control jammer can help you.

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    High Power Trolley Box UAV Jammer Directional Antenna Gun Drone Blocker

    High power directional drone jammer trolley design are easy to carry. Equipped with directional gun antenna, can work effectively. To meet the needs of various military activities and police, outdoor sports, individual outdoor patrols, public security or emergency group activities.

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    High End Waterproof Drone Jammer Powerful UAV Blocker

    This UAV jammers powerful drone killer jammer you deserve to have. It has a wide range of jamming and can jamming with any UAVs, ensuring your privacy is safe from UAV spies. Jamming radius up 1500 meters.