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More and more people are being threatened by drones. UAVs carry explosives, chemical weapons, biological weapons, etc, and attack military bases. In the face of such threats, buy a powerful drone killer shield may be the best measureto defeating remote control aircraft attacks in the future.

Amid the growing threat from uavs, a portable device has been developed on the market to shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles by blocking communications between operators and them. Once a uavs is spotted, the operator aims his gun-shaped drone rf jammer at it and pulls the trigger after selecting the relevant mode to handle the uavs in the current environment. The device prevents the drone from communicating with its remote control.

And for some converted remote controlled surveillance uavs,the remote control jammer can help you.

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    High Power Trolley Box UAV Jammer Directional Antenna Drone Blocker Gun

    High power uav blocker gun trolley design are easy to carry. Equipped with directional antenna, can work effectively. To meet the needs of various military activities and police, outdoor sports, individual outdoor patrols, public security or emergency group activities.

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Functions of Drone Jammer:
Today, many people use remotely operated aircraft (also known as uavs). These unmanned aerial vehicle are very popular because they don't require a pilot to fly them, and they can be easily controlled from the ground using a remote control. Today, we see uavs of all shapes, sizes and features. On the Internet, you'll be able to see all the different types of uavs, and look at it, and you'll be surprised to discover that an unmanned aircraft has the ability to photograph and video, just to connect the relevant devices to the drone's board.
In particular, uavs are very useful for travelers because they help capture memorable moments. Using cameras on the uavs, they can take pictures and record video from the sky in any direction. Although this has given us a better travel experience, we regret to say that with the advent of uncertified aircraft, terrorists have also started their illegal activities.
Terrorists can use uavs to take pictures of your privacy, even surveillance, to help them understand your environment. In addition, flying uavs are often used to smuggle (transport drugs, weapons and bombs), and they are increasingly complicit in terrorist attacks. Directional drone signal jammer is the best tool to deal with uav. With the help of the jammer, you will well protect your property and your family.