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Drone technology news

The latest drone news and new developments in the aviation industry of unmanned aircraft systems are the hottest topics of the day.After the development of uav technology in recent years, the appearance and performance of uav have been greatly improved and improved. Small to peacetime we play the remote control aircraft, large to the national army use of unmanned aircraft. It is believed that with the development of science and technology, the future development trend of uav will become more clear, and the application in various fields of life will be more extensive.Then, the popularity of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is likely to bring some harmful things, such as terrorists using unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) dropped bombs, threat to people's life, such as uavs candid, monitoring, etc. As a result, drone jammer have become important devices for our privacy and security.

As drones are increasingly used by the military, efforts are being made to prevent their soldiers on the ground from even seeing them before. Stopping drones is nothing new. We've seen guns shoot down drones, but the problem is their size. They're big and bulky. A new system called Pitbull, a wearable drone jammer, has proved effective and lightweight.

The entire system can be installed directly on a person's torso or elsewhere in his clothes. This is important because soldiers in combat cannot be plagued by heavy equipment like previous anti-drone systems.

"Drone crash" caused a fire

There have been serious cases of serious consequences caused by unmanned aerial vehicles, and a major accident has occurred in recent days due to the flying of unmanned aerial vehicles.

A drone was reported to have caught fire after the crash, igniting hay in a district near flagstaff called kendrick park.

While it is legal to fly drones in U.S. national forests, there are strict rules about when and where to fly. Do not fly drones in wilderness areas or in areas where wildfires are active. The owner of the drone has been accused of starting a fire that destroyed 300 acres (1.2 square kilometers) of grassland in the state's forests.

As for the flying phenomenon of unmanned aerial vehicles, relevant agencies have taken corresponding measures, but they have failed to solve these problems. What are some good solutions to these problems? The use of anti drone jammer is a very necessary solution, and many government agencies have already begun to implement the purchase of a variety of design of drone jammers.

Do drone jammers really stop unmanned aerial vehicles?

Johannesburg - the controversial drone signal jammer in parliament could have prevented even toy drones from worrying, military experts said.

After President Jacob zuma's state of the union address (SONA), the national security agency (SSA) was quoted as responsible for putting the intruders in parliament because of opposition parties and the media.

"There is no political or administrative decision to block the free flow of information," U.S. national security secretary Michael mahlobo said on Wednesday on the issue of signal interference. ". Support for SANDF's efforts to enhance airspace security.

Mahlobo then referred to a statement on February 11, the day before SONA, of the joint national intelligence and action structure (NATJOINTS), which said there was a no-fly zone over the parliament.

Mahlobo's statement also mentions drones or unmanned aerial vehicles.

"The airspace security plan has also been approved to provide security measures aimed at low speed, low energy threats and unmanned aerial vehicles, with minimal impact on commercial aviation and related aspects." Announced Mahlobo.

On Thursday, Mahlobo's comments on drones were reported.

"Drones can fly anywhere and kill people," Mahlobo said.

"This is an example of how the United States actually managed to follow bin laden and continue to do so. Some of them are flying above radar and under radar, "he said.

However, drone enthusiasts question the effectiveness of signal interference for any type of unmanned aerial vehicle.

Schalke Heunis, who is in charge of the house of representatives 4 huck Pretoria - an initiative called technical experts - tell FIN24, a scrambler unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) may even for aircraft is invalid without the most basic driver.

Heunis, a fan of four-axis aircraft, says the drones can be programmed to fly independently, meaning they don't need signals to operate.

"Once you have completed the task, it does not need to control the signal," Heunis told Fin24.

In addition, even basic drones can switch from one frequency to another so that the signal jammer is no longer needed.

"Like the whole spectrum, it's very difficult to disrupt the whole radio frequency," Heunis said.

Who is taking a photo of the RC multi-rotor model, telling FIN24 that the device used by his company does not subscribe to "unmanned aircraft" to define such a thing. But Huysamen says he knows about signal technology and even affects basic drones.

"Today's controlled radios have so-called frequency-hopping technology, because they know that there are a lot of people using radio control drones," he said.

"These things are called frequency-hopping, so they can't be hijacked or blocked in this respect because you don't want the equipment to get out of control and have a public safety problem. ".

Huysamen also said Mahlobo appears to be talking about military-controlled drones, which, according to Huysamen, are more immune to signal jammers because they rely on satellites for orientation.

At the same time, it is not clear what brand of signaling blockers are used in parliament, but the exact reasons for its use are not entirely clear.

Still, national security officials are investigating the department, and President Jacob zuma and the ruling African national congress (ANC) have described the incident as a regrettable signal interference.

USI's small UAS security program is implemented at the coastal uav institute in Oregon

One of the programs at the Lincoln Center for vocational and technical high school in Oregon is the coastal drone institute, which recently opened a small UAS security program for the school of unmanned safety.

The coastal uav academy is a STEM promotion program that teaches students how to use drones and the positive impact of drones on healthy Marine environments and coastal communities. The college has registered more than a dozen new students, all of whom have hours of commercial flight time. Taught by authorized remote pilots, high school teachers and coastal researcher Chuck Getter.

In USI, their mission is clear, which is to provide a more professional technology for the burgeoning drone industry. "Said Aaron Greenwald, President of USI. "Off the coast of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is a model of the United States high school and college in the vocational and technical education of how to successfully implement the success of the student's quite want to experience things, USI is very honored to become a part of them."

The safety certification of small UAS is composed of four courses, with more than 180 hours of instruction. Successful completion of these courses students are eligible to participate in USI certification exams, to obtain small UAS and safety certification, certification, it is a industry shows the unmanned aerial vehicle safety and professional expertise in the application.

Students will take part in the USI career development program to provide direct access to employers who need professional remote pilots. By the end of this year, more than 2,000 students have completed the project successfully and have successfully obtained the approval of education department in several countries. USI is taught in more than 150 schools across 11 states. It is extending the program to other states and training for teachers in the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.