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Russian military warning uav using satellite navigation attack risk

With the development of science and technology in recent years, the development of uav is quite good, and all kinds of uav are developed by uav manufacturers. The aerial photography of aerial photography and exploration, as we know it, is a very important tool for these workers. The use of drones for military operations has long been conceived and done. For the modern battlefield, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles has undoubtedly provided a great help for the improvement of military power.

Since drone use is widespread, so natural also can be use to do some damage our interests to, such as the use of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to monitor and peep our privacy, is more serious is that were used by terrorists to constitute a serious threat to people's life safety, for this kind of threat to our security, we have any good ways to solve? Drone jammers are important equipment for dealing with drones. For different types of uavs, we need high-power drone rf jammer to intercept them.

The Russian military has warned that terrorists could use drones to carry out attacks around the world, the daily express reported on January 11.

The Russian military has issued a chilling warning after reports that a Russian military base in Syria was recently attacked.

According to the Sydney morning herald, the LIttle Ripper has managed to rescue two swimmers stranded on the surface of the sea near the horn of Reno, Australia.

Russia's defense ministry said in a statement: "the first large-scale terrorist use of unmanned combat aircraft, they are more than 50 kilometers away from launch, using the global positioning system navigation coordinates."

General Alexander novikov, head of the Russian general staff's drone division, said the threat posed by terrorists was not out of reach.

"Studies have shown that airborne avionics enables the uav to achieve automatic flight and bomb implementation and to disable any electronic interference."

Whether the drone tactics are effective depends on the accuracy of the target coordinates, the level of drone operations and the flight configuration of the drones, the report said.


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Mr Novikov argues that the use of drones used in attacks on Russian bases is much more precise than the resources available on the Internet.

He said the attack a single part of the Russian military base of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) they can be bought on the open market, but the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) assembled requires "a lot of time and special professional knowledge".

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