1. WiFi Jammer
  2. Portable Jammer
  3. Drone Jammer
  4. Military Jammer
  5. Lojack 4G Jammer
  6. Remote Control Jammer
  7. UHF VHF Jammer
  • 1. Prison use jammers


    The prison uses jammers to cut off prisoners' contact with the outside world, and drone jammers prevent criminals from using drones to transport drugs to prison.

  • 2. Used in the classroom


    Jammer used in the classroom can well solve the problem of students playing mobile phone, in the important exam time, can also prevent students from using mobile phones and other electronic equipment to cheat behavior, maintain the fair principle.

  • 3. Used in the library


    The library should be quiet, where we study, to prevent some people from calling loudly and installing mobile jammers.

  • 4. Used for the car


    The car use a GPS jammer to avoid GPS positioning and to prevent being tracked.Protect your privacy and your whereabouts.

  • 5. Used for church


    Churches are sacred places where noisy noise is not allowed, and signal jammers are used to ensure that the ringtone is not disturbed.

Wifi network and wifi jammer shopping guide

Whether it's a router for our family, or a wifi jammer, we need to know about wifi, so that we can buy and use it better.

Wifi jammer will participate in punishing cyber criminals?

Network development is of great convenience to our life, also has certain security hidden danger, especially public wifi, Internet crime cases increased year by year, for the punishment of criminals use prohibited them from access to the network wifi jammer, what do you think?

Signal blocking jammer legislation - French

Although jammers in many countries there are no clear statement, but schools and prisons where is the place that must be used, such as France's first legislation on the intruder, scrambler for purchase, you need to learn more.

Family use desktop wifi phone signal jammers to make life better

Home wireless network security and mobile phone use problems you only need to install a desktop mobile wifi jammer device can be solved. Buy high quality jammer equipment from our store.

Cell phone jammer let your child grow up in a good environment

Children are addicted to the Internet, and addicted to mobile games is a ubiquitous phenomenon. The reason for this phenomenon is the popularity of mobile phones and the popularity of the Internet. Cut off your cell phone and network signal and provide a good environment for your child to need a phone jammer.

Driving to see the phone is one of the causes of traffic accidents

Traffic accidents always let a person feel sorrow, the cause of traffic accidents are many, and drive to see a mobile phone is one of the important reasons, should take corresponding measures to prevent driving to see mobile phones.

Good environment of important meetings requires phone jammers

Meeting for each institution is an important link, it is particularly important in the order and safety, so use more and more enterprises in the conference room to install banning cell phone use equipment, mobile phone signal blocking device.

Cell phone jammers can make your smartphone's data more secure

With the popularity of smartphones and function perfect, the mobile phone store we have a lot of important information, the value of it is more attractive for hackers, the security problems of mobile phone is also gradually outstanding.

Using cell phone jammers to ban apps from our location services

We know mobile phone application will usually need to get our location information, so that it gives us the opportunity to push local service, convenience of business marketing, but for our information may involve our privacy, and therefore use a mobile phone signal blocking device can prohibit such behavior.

Playing with your phone in a dark environment can lead to glaucoma

Smart phone popularity led to a series of problems, for a long time in the darkness of the environment see mobile phones for the frequent problems caused by glaucoma, in order to let your child no longer stay up late watching mobile phone, family is necessary to install signal blocking device.

Mobile apps collect personal information to cause leaks problems

Mobile phone APP collect personal information is a cause of personal information leakage, leakage of personal information led to the increase of harassing phone calls, reduce harassing phone calls as a protective tool can use mobile phone jammers.

Keep healthy lifestyle with the cell phone signal jammer

Mobile phones have changed people's habits and lifestyles, while mobile signal jammers have stopped their use and provided a guarantee for your good lifestyle.

Phone signal jammer keeps you away from the sound of the phone

Almost everyone has at least one smartphone, how dependent are you on it? Do you often look at your phone or even stay up late playing mobile games? The family uses the cell phone signal jammer to keep your children healthy.

Cell phone jammers cut off signals during military operations

Where need to ban cell phone use mobile phone jammers plays an important role, particularly in military activities, cut off the other side of the network communication is largely limits the form of war.

Market analysis report on global handset cell phone jammer

Along with the development of cell phone jammers, they quickly occupied the market, has widely used in all areas of life, there is a analysis in the future development about mobile phone jammers, let you quickly learn the trend of the future.

National important qualification examination uses cell phone jammer

School use of mobile phone jammer is ubiquitous, in important national examinations, they will be used, eliminate the use of electronic products cheating, maintenance of the fairness of the test.

You are bombarded from harassing phone calls?

Popularization of Internet and the mobile phone network crime and phone fraud gradually increased, especially the phones harassing phone calls, deeply affected people's life and work, do you still in bombarded from harassing phone calls?

GPS satellite positioning and GPS tracking are important for military

GPS satellite signal is the most used positioning signal and navigation signal in various countries and regions of the world. It is of great significance to the development of science and technology and life, and the importance of military affairs is self-evident.

Will GPS satellite tracking devices help retrieve stolen cars?

The number of stolen vehicles is increasing year by year. Can GPS satellite trackers be recovered after the car is stolen? Its satellite signals could be disrupted and not working properly.

How does a smartphone affect our lives?

We all know the importance of smart phones for our life, people almost can't leave it now, it carries the mission the important function of communication and entertainment, it is affecting and changing people's habits and customs, it is how to change people's lives?

Should the vehicle be installed with GPS positioner?

Vehicle GPS locator can be used to protect our cars, or it could be our tracking tool. Should our vehicles also be equipped with GPS locators? There are two ways that we can protect our vehicles without revealing our privacy.

Public places should set rules for mobile phones

Recently, many airlines have opened up for cell phone use, can use a mobile phone is on the plane, many people want but not reasonable use to others caused the noise, should formulate corresponding rules to limit the use of mobile phones, and mobile phone jammer is an assistance tool.

Mobile phones are not allowed to carry in important places

Important place will be banned from carrying mobile phones, in these places may be to let the data leak, phone calls may be listening, caused leakage of confidential information about these places, in order to better protect the important information, cell phone jammers became the layers of protection measures.

The benefits of vehicle GPS locator in the enterprise

In order to prevent the behavior of private vehicles, many enterprises have installed GPS locators for vehicles to track all situations of vehicles in real time. But there are also drivers using GPS jammers to stop the practice and continue to use the vehicle for private use.

Chinese and U.S. satellites cooperate to provide better GPS services

Satellite navigation cooperation of China and the United States will provide more convenient service, that's very good things, but for satellite positioning problem, possibly brought about by the signal jammer is the tool when necessary you need.

Cell phone signal jammers are tools to reduce traffic accidents

Driving to see a mobile phone is an important cause of traffic accidents, to reduce the reason caused by the accidents, banned the use of mobile phones is a feasible way, mobile phone jammers is just what you need.

Does the leased product install GPS trackers for invasion of privacy?

GPS tracking locators are no stranger to our lives, and many of our daily USES are fitted. The most popular Shared bike is also fitted with a GPS tracker, which makes it easy to share the management of a bicycle manufacturer, but it may also violate the privacy of users.

GPS system military and public transport service applications

GPS technology is already in use militarily, and unmanned technology requires precise location information, depending on GPS technology, or some important sensor design. GPS provides precise locations for military weapons and missiles, and it is important to improve accuracy. Not only that, GPS also plays an extremely important role in the safety of public transport services.

GPS application technology important way for police to fight criminals

Criminals of rampant crime, police for battered did not completely solve these things, these are all take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, recently, some media reported that some countries use of GPS positioning technology for criminal crime to hit the news.

The strategy of the GPS satellite system in the space war

With the development of science and technology, has become an important position, many countries compete for space occupied mainly by satellite system and anti-satellite system, so the GPS jammers has become the important for the weapon equipment.

British warning electronic interference a hindrance to satellite signals

Satellite positioning is a widely used technology, and many fields are used directly or indirectly. Warning, according to a report recently, the British electronic jamming to become the main factors that threaten satellite positioning, satellite positioning error will cause a great loss, in the place where you need to use the electronic signal jammer also be careful to use.

Australian companies began using 5g signal and when the 5g cell jammer is produced

With the development of science and technology, the implementation of the 5 g signal and popularize is sooner or later, 5 g signal network in use will bring people a lot of benefits, also will have some trouble, so 5g cell phone jammers is will produce.

South Korea using anti drone jammer safeguard security of the winter Olympics

The 2018 winter Olympics in South Korea will be held, and the south Korean government has taken various defensive measures to ensure good security. For the defense of unmanned aerial vehicles, a number of advanced anti-uav jammers have been adopted, which specially trained the special team to prevent the terrorist attacks from being carried out.

Should we advocate the legalization of cell phone jammers?

Mobile phones are now in the information age is the most important communication and entertainment equipment, almost everyone have their own one or two mobile phones, because the spread of mobile phones, led to very serious mobile noise problem now, so some called for the legalization of cell phone jammers is used, should be promoted how do you feel?

Remote controller makes your life more convenient

Is our daily use of the most remote control equipment, it is not strange to us, our TV, air conditioning and other household appliances all need to use the remote control, remote control to make our lives convenient control, the same remote jammer can also make our life more convenient.

Why do schools use cell phone jammers?

The popularity of smartphone development, students use a mobile phone has become a very common phenomenon, the serious influence their learning and affect the development of the school, so school installed mobile phone jammers prevent this kind of behavior.