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Public places should set rules for mobile phones

As major airlines allow can use mobile phone on the plane to inform, to boring man with a new fun on the trip, it is a very good thing, it created a new problem. This problem is not new, it is common in many public places, and it has existed for a long time, but it is still not solved.

Public phone calls are nothing new, and there have been complaints on buses, subways and trains. But this time, coincides with domestic flights just lifted the ban on mobile phones sensitive nodes, and through a foreigner publicly, the age-old "vice" nature caused the focus of public opinion. In fact, it can be predicted that, even without the "exposure" of international friends, the problem of the mobile phone on the plane will be exposed sooner or later. The use of mobile phones on airplanes depends on the development of technology, which is the Gospel of the boring people, but it is the source of other people's troubles.

The problem of uncivilized use of mobile phones is prevalent in all parts of the world. The problem caused by the use of mobile phones in public places has aroused great attention from the society.About this problem of how to reasonable use a mobile cell phone?

According to media reports, British singer Jessie J on social media, met on the plane to China passengers using mobile phone, put voice while you're watching video, great noise, let a person very collapse.The incident also revealed that domestic flights have been released after the release of the mobile phone, the relevant implementation details are still very unsound. When the old rules fail, the new rules are not yet perfected, and the adjustment and correction of the transition period is almost an unavoidable process.

We all know that "loud noise is forbidden in public", but it can be changed easily. As a new "noise" mode, the mobile phone's voice outside is not fully and timely. I have to say, this is an embarrassing thing. To this day, some people's understanding of public civilization is still on the level of "mechanical implementation", and there is no such thing as the ability to diverge from one another and the empathy of others. To such groups, the most effective and most direct way, perhaps also can be to implement various points to clear and specific content such as "ban", on the plane on mobile phone voice and so on. If the move is not well resolved, more coercive measures should be taken, using a cell phone jammer to block cell phone signals and a quiet environment around them.

The big benefits of being able to use a mobile phone on a plane can cause so much annoyance that it really needs to think about how it can be solved.In fact, not only is there such an uncivilized use of mobile phones on airplanes, the plane is just a microcosm of mobile phone noise. In life, we are all deeply affected by the noise of mobile phones, which makes us not very good rest, which makes us very tired. Especially in public places, the use of mobile phones is more serious. It's not just the ringing of a cell phone, but the sound of a loud phone call, which is not acceptable in quiet public places. Although there is a clear indication that it is not allowed to speak loudly and loudly, it seems that there is no restriction on their behavior. This uncivilized behavior is particularly evident among young people. The sound of playing mobile games and the sound of the media are very annoying.

For this kind of behavior that seriously affects the order of public civilization, I think the relevant management department should take corresponding measures to prohibit such behavior from interfering with others. It is necessary to take appropriate measures, and it is not well solved. Therefore, installing cell phone jammers in public places will be the best solution.

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