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In recent years, wireless technology and GPS technology has been developing rapidly, a variety of electronic products are adopting the advanced technology equipment, such as the most popular watch phone, smart phone, no one technology, artificial intelligence and so on all is the best embodiment of the technology. These technologies and devices have greatly facilitated our lives, but the problems have also come with threats to our privacy security. For example, GPS tracking, mobile security, wireless network monitoring, eavesdropping, etc. In order to better protect privacy and personal safety, using signal jammer has become their primary measure.
1. Prison use jammers
The prison uses jammers to cut off prisoners' contact with the outside world, and drone jammers prevent criminals from using drones to transport drugs to prison.
2. Used in the classroom
Jammer used in the classroom can well solve the problem of students playing mobile phone, in the important exam time, can also prevent students from using mobile phones and other electronic equipment to cheat behavior, maintain the fair principle.
3. Used in the library
The library should be quiet, where we study, to prevent some people from calling loudly and installing mobile jammers.
4. Used for the car

The car use a GPS jammer to avoid GPS positioning and to prevent being tracked.Protect your privacy and your whereabouts.

5. Used for church
Churches are sacred places where noisy noise is not allowed, and signal jammers are used to ensure that the ringtone is not disturbed.