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The $100 to $200 signal jammer is recommended for you

Jammer-buy is an online store specializing in the sale of signal jammers, which provide our stores with affordable, portable mobile phone signals and GPS signal jammer. This type of signal jamming interceptor is very popular for people who now own a car. Of course, the jammer can interfere with the signal of various frequency bands, the main one is the price is cheap, it is your economical choice. Using a signal jammer can protect your data security, avoid being tracked, and be in a safe environment.Have a signal jammer makes you more relaxed, you can imagine, when you're tired of ringtones, somebody called loudly, influence you to rest, as long as you will open your hand phone jammers, their mobile phone can't work normally, blocked their communication, let them will also feel tired, even angry. You may be secretly laughing at this time, but it will give you a good experience.

handheld GSM 3G phone blocker online

Portable Mobile GSM 3G Phone Jammer Blocking WIFI GPS Frequency

The handheld signal blocker can jam GSM GPS 3G signal at the same time. Car charger provide for you convenient use anywhere in the vehicle.Up 15 meters radius is enough to keep your privacy safe.

portable vehicle gps tracking blockers

2 Bands High Power Handheld GPS Signal Jammers Mini For Car

The handheld anti tracking jamming device can block satellite tracker. Easy carry and use for your car, 2 bands portable jammer and it has a very wide range of interference radius up to 15 meters.It is a movement protection device that is favored by the driver.

handheld gsm blocker remote jammers wifi

Portable GSM 3G WIFI GPS 433 315 868MHz Remote Control Jammer

The most popular 4 bands handheld GSM signal jammer can jamming GSM 3G  WIFI GPS 433MHz 315MHz 868MHz,jamming radius max up 15 meters.This 4 bands portable and lightweight multi-functional wireless jamming device blocking signal array including GSM+3G+WIFI,GPS+WIFI.The jamming radius is 15 meters strong enough, free shipping.

Cigarette GSM 3G Jammer Hidden Mobile Phone Blocker

Cigarette GSM 3G Jammer Hidden Mobile Phone Blocker

It's very hard to be found out when you put it in the cigarette case.The small 3G GSM mobile jammer is designed for you to block the cell phone secretly.


Signal jammers price about here

The signal jammer can be easily obtained on the Internet. The price of the signal jammer in the online store is different, and many of them are within the range of people's acceptance. Jammer-buy.com provides the high quality and competitive price, we are committed to customer sales value of the product, to the quality of the jammer to do the best, with the most populist price sales, conform to most people's consumption level now. In addition, we also provide the best service, including after-sales service. Buy signal jammers here and you can enjoy these services.

Buying a jammer device that protects your privacy at a moderate price is the right thing to do. Use it and you will no longer have to suffer from ringtones and harassing phone calls. You don't have to worry about your trip being tracked, not to worry about your child's learning, because it reduces the use of mobile phones. Without these many troubles, it will make your mood better, whether it is good for your work or health.

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