50-100 meters high power blockers are widely used

Radius of a high power jammers interference between 50 to 100 metres, interfere with the broader, more interference signal, with a variety of shapes, antenna design, used in a wider region of space, more widely application field, the necessary jammer state organs such as the secret service equipment.

50-100 Meters
powerful jammer
higher power signal jammer

    100-2700MHz All Frequency Jamming Device 16 Antennas

    The 16-band signal jammer is very powerful and is a high power jammer because it can almost interfere with the 100-2700 MHz signal, which means that if any of these signals are used, any tool that uses these signals will be intercepted.

Extreme power jammer

    High Power Signal Jammer 433 315 LoJack Blocker

    The high power desk signal jammer has 14 antennas, and signal interference is stronger and wider, which can block more frequencies. It not only interferes with all cell phone signals, but also supports LoJack GPS WIFI UHF VHF 433 and 315MHz.