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50-100 meters high power blockers are widely used

Radius of a high power jammers interference between 50 to 100 metres, jamming with the broader, more interference signal, with a variety of shapes, antenna design, used in a wider region of space, more widely application field, the necessary jammer state organs such as the secret service equipment.As you can see, the products here are used more than 10 antenna desktop design form, from the point of antenna number, you should know that they are strong and powerful in the place of performance, can interfere with more frequency can interfere with the larger radius. Powerful power generates huge amounts of heat, so they are designed with multiple cooling fans so they can work long hours. The security of the prison requires the use of this type of prison jammer to protect the prison's network security so as to prevent the network from being attacked by hackers or criminals.

rf powerful cell jammer blocker

Desktop LoJack Blocker UHF VHF WIFI GPS Cell Phone Jammers

12 antenna powerful rf jammer can jamming with common signal types. GSM+3G+4G+WiFi+GPS+VHF+UHF is the basic signal type.Lojack,433 or 315 depends on your needs. Jamming radius up 70 meters.

Extreme power phone jammer

High Power Multifunction Signal Jammer LoJack Blocker Adjustable

14 antennas high power desk signal jammer can jamming with all cell phone signals,  LoJack GPS WIFI UHF VHF 433 and 315MHz. Adjustable jamming radius, maximum jamming radius 70 meters.

higher power signal jammer 16 antennas

16 Bands High Power GSM 4G GPS WIFI All Frequency Jamming Device

16 bands signal jammer belong high power jammer , it can almost jamming with100 - 2700MHz frequency GSM 4G 4G LTE GPS WIFI, jamming radius up 70 meters.

Jammer blocker informations

The prison uses a signal blocker

Not only is the school can use signal jammer, prison is one of the most popular places using signal jammer, prison is a place where important criminal detention, opportunities to those of mistakes need to correct place, but hard to avoid some mistakes and do not change, even when you are in prison may do criminal things. Therefore, in order to maintain good order of public order, it is necessary to use these powerful jamming devices. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) you might have heard news delivery of drugs into the prison, the uav's operational behavior makes this very easy to do, to stop this behavior, using unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) prison jammers drones against smuggling drugs, from the aerial duels, or prison safety violations.