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5 Bands Cell Phone Jammer Portable For Car

Our shop 5 antenna cell phone jammer apparatus has the function of strong signal shielding, can prevent almost all the mobile phone signal, portable jammer more popular, because it can be used on your car, your trip will not be tracking GPS signals and privacy protection is a good tool for you. The scrambler here has a high quality, competitive price, and if you want to buy a jammer, our store is one of your best choices.The jammers here are the feature blockers in jammer-buy,they can block 5 freuqencies at the same time with wide jamming radius.You can also decide what signals that you need to jam.5 antenna of mobile phone GPS jammers equipment is more powerful than 4 antenna signal jammers, are 4 antenna on modelling and function upgrade, if you need a more powerful signal jammer, you can choose more 5 antenna or antenna design. If you're afraid of being photographed or watched by drones, drone jammer will be a good choice.

5 Bands handheld multifunctional cell phone jammers block mobile phone, GPS signal and wifi signal, jamming radius up to 20 meters, with multiple signal combination types.The features of portability and versatility make it very popular.

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This desktop wireless jammer can be used for WIFI,GSM,DCS,CDMA and 3G jamming.Of course ,there are other choices for you since it has 5 bands.With the high heat dissipation aluminum shell,it can work for a long time.

Technical Specs: Weight:2100g Size:210 X 195 X 53 mm Warranty:One Year
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This desktop adjustable jammer is very general using in the class exam room,court,prison,etc to jam mobile phone signals,including GSM,3G,4G.In addition to that,jamming GPS,WIFI can also be of the functions it has.

Technical Specs: Radius:30m Output Power:10W Weight:2.9kg Size:250x106x33 mm Warranty:One Year
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5 bands handheld portable GPS jammers block all GPS L1,L2,L3,L4,L5 frequencies,you can choose other signals jamming combination such as GSM/3G/WIFI/GPS blocker and more.Jamming radius up 20 meters.

Technical Specs: Weight: 500g Size: 126 x 76 x 35mm Warranty:One Year
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First of all thank you very much for your coming, to buy the products of our store, you can buy entire network optimal quality, reasonable price and the cell phone jammer device, I can guarantee for our product.When we buy a product, we usually search directly for the type of product we need, or filter it in the appropriate category to find the product we like. According to the attributes of the product, similar products can be classified into specific columns, which is convenient for consumers to purchase. The following is a simple breakdown of the number of antennas in our store for your purchase.

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Cell phone jammer diy are used in schools, where students can be controlled to play with their mobile phones, and on the other hand, they can be used in major exams to prevent cheating on mobile phones.With the development of GPS tracking technology, people are increasingly concerned about their whereabouts of safety, chances are you're not careful will be installed the tracker, or the use of your mobile phone, car GPS tracking to you, by this time the gps tracking jammer to provide good protection for your safety.With the development of technology, wireless jammer can interfere with a variety of signals, not just wifi signals, including GPS, GSM and other cellular signals.GSM jammer price are widely used in life, and protection of important phones is very important.