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Powerful signal jammers are usually designed as desktops, with multiple antennas, more antennas, and more distractions. It should be more extensive and more expensive.The jammers are easy to carry because they are not as easy to carry as portable jammers and are generally used in some relatively fixed places.

The jammers in the category are all high power that we have for you.They have wide jamming radius one of them up to 150 meters.The high power blocker are mainly used in the large-scale places like school examination room,museum,factory,governmental buildings and so on to stop the cell phone usage,cheating in the exam or for the security improvement.The main purpose is to protect information security and important information of individuals or units.


As the name implies, powerful jammer can interfere with the signal and range of the larger, the more can guarantee information security. Of course, the power of the jammer is not only related to the radius it can interfere with, but also to ensure its effectiveness.Because the higher the power, the higher the intensity of the transmitted signal.So that it can disturb the signals which we want availably.To ensure the validity of the scope,the high power blocker device is your best choice.Many high-power jammers are not very large in terms of weight and volume, and most have portable features.So you don't have to worry about the volume.


If you are a person to use, I recommend to you 4 to 8 antennas intercept equipment, if you want to use in the family, you can buy a desktop, if you want to used for outdoor, more suitable for portable jammers. Portable jammers also have multiple antennas, and are not inferior to desktop jammers in terms of performance and interference frequency range and range. All the signal jammers here provide 30 days for you to replace, one year warranty service, please feel free to purchase.

High Power Jammer
powerful signal jammer
powerful jammer
super power jammer
higher power signal jammer

    100-2700MHz All Frequency Jamming Device 16 Antennas

    The 16-band signal jammer is very powerful and is a high power jammer because it can almost interfere with the 100-2700 MHz signal, which means that if any of these signals are used, any tool that uses these signals will be intercepted.

Extreme power jammer

    High Power Signal Jammer 433 315 LoJack Blocker

    The high power desk signal jammer has 14 antennas, and signal interference is stronger and wider, which can block more frequencies. It not only interferes with all cell phone signals, but also supports LoJack GPS WIFI UHF VHF 433 and 315MHz.

desktop high power blocker

    8 Bands Signal Shielding Device WiFi Bluetooth 2/3/4G Desktop Jammer

    The 8 bands powerful desktop Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Jammers can jamming with GSM, 3G, 4G, WiFi and bluetooth signals. Multiple antennas that interfere with multiple signals are your choice.

    8 antennas powerful desktop  blocker jammer can interfere with GSM,3G,4G,WiFi and bluetooth signal. The heat dissipation performance is good and cannot be adjusted.

    It's an 8 bands extreme power desktop Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Jammers that interferes with GSM, 3G, 4G, WiFi and bluetooth signals, which are very popular. During the work of the jammer, it will not affect the use of other electronic devices to ensure the security of the required interference.

powerful rf jammer
Power super jammer

    GPS/WIFI/GSM/3G/4G Jammer High Power Jamming Device

    This all-in-one adjustable high power frequency jammer can block all cell phone frequencies and the wireless spying probe in the examination.It can be used for large occasions such as courts, schools, prisons, etc.