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High power more than 100 meters jammer device here

Here to offer you greater interference radius of high power interference interceptors, this is our store radius of jamming equipment, if you need more interfere with the radius of the jammer, you can contact us, we customize for you what you want to signal shielding instrument.Powerful signal jammers, such as anti-drone jammers, can interfere with a wide range of radius and can shoot down a drone within an effective range of work. VHF jamming devices you can buy from here, through the different design, will interfere with the radius of the expanded, need more powerful material and technology, the high power equipment for heat dissipation requirements of higher, high power is easy to produce high quantity of heat, cooling system must be strong, not easy to make it burn out. Our products are strictly tested, and we are in the best position, whether it is signal interference, interference radius, or heat dissipation performance. If you need a signal blocker device with a larger radius of interference, choose to buy or contact us here.

powerful rf jammer

Cassette High Powerful Mobile Phone Jammer WIFI GPS Blocker

The high power jammer jamming radius up 150 meters wide range of interference is designed for large occasions. In addition to its own volume and other aspects, the product is environmentally friendly and can effectively block five different frequencies.

drone app jammer

High End Waterproof Powerful UAV Signal Jammer Blocker

This powerful drone killer jammer you deserve to have. It has a wide range of jamming and can jamming with any UAVs, ensuring your privacy is safe from UAV spies. Jamming radius up 1500 meters.

super powerful jammer

High Power Cell Phone UHF VHF 315 LoJack Tracking Signal Jammer

6 bands high power signal jammers supports wide jamming frequencies including phone signals,WIFI,GPS,UHF,VHF and LoJack, Jamming radius up 120 meters.

Powerful jammer informations

Where use high power signal jammer device?

High powered jammers nature is used in more occasions, as we know school, prison, national office units are likely to use, in addition to the places where need to ban cell phone use will also use higher power jammers. In the studio, in order to avoid using mobile phones and affect the performance of the audience happens, during opens has installed equipment, GSM jammer will stop the mobile phone may cause problems.To ensure the orderly performance of the performance, also give the audience a better visual experience.High powerful jammers includes the wifi signal interference, we know that wifi is the important medium of signal, we need wifi network of mobile equipment make it a better job, in a crowded place, mobile phone signal is poor, wifi is very good solve the problem, but didn't get the wifi security guarantee, use wifi jammer is you need to take measures.