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Powerful prison jammers jamming with the GSM/3G/4G/wifi/GPS

A broad prison is the place where all prisoners are held, including prisons, detention centers, and detention centers. The prison in a narrow sense refers to a criminal sentenced to death with a suspended sentence of two years for execution, life imprisonment or fixed-term imprisonment, in accordance with the provisions of the criminal law and criminal procedure law. The principle of combining punishment with reform, education and labor, and transforming criminals into law-abiding citizens. Since the prison is help criminals to correct errors, turn over a new leaf, then the prison jammers are important equipment to maintain order in the prison, it can interfere with the prison cell phone signal and wifi signals, don't let the criminals have a communication with the outside world, ensure the safety of the prison.This provides you with a variety of high power prison jammers, designed primarily for desktop design, and multi-antennas are their common features.

Prison like school belongs to large, usually use signal jammers with a number of antenna design, more can interfere with the signal frequency, adjustable, good heat dissipation effect of the prison signal blolcker is the choice of the prison. Good heat dissipation design allows the warden to turn on the jammer to ensure the safety of the prison.

desktop cell phone 5g jammers

Newest desktop powerful GSM 3G 4G 5G phone frequency jammer

This is the first 5G signal jammer in all signal jammer stores. The signal jamming frequency includes GSM CDMA 3G 4G WIFI with an interference radius of up to 40 meters.

desktop high power phone jammers

8 Bands Adjustable 4G 3G 2G GPS WiFi Signal Jammers

The latest powerful desktop signal jamming device is equipped with 8 antennas that can interfere with 4G, 3G, 2G, WiFi and GPS frequencies with a maximum effective jamming radius of 40 meters.

High Power super jammer box shape

High Power GSM 3G 4G Phone WIFI GPS Jammer Sound Box Shape

This adjustable high power frequency jammer block all common signal types,as CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS,ect.It can be used for large occasions such as courts, schools, prisons, etc.Jamming radius up to 100 meters.

rf powerful cell jammer blocker

Desktop LoJack Blocker UHF VHF WIFI GPS Cell Phone Jammers

12 antenna powerful rf jammer can jamming with common signal types. GSM+3G+4G+WiFi+GPS+VHF+UHF is the basic signal type.Lojack,433 or 315 depends on your needs. Jamming radius up 70 meters.

higher power signal jammer 16 antennas

16 Bands High Power GSM 4G GPS WIFI All Frequency Jamming Device

16 bands signal jammer belong high power jammer , it can almost jamming with100 - 2700MHz frequency GSM 4G 4G LTE GPS WIFI, jamming radius up 70 meters.

super powerful jammer

High Power Cell Phone UHF VHF 315 LoJack Tracking Signal Jammer

6 bands high power signal jammers supports wide jamming frequencies including phone signals,WIFI,GPS,UHF,VHF and LoJack, Jamming radius up 120 meters.