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Starbucks' wifi uses users' computers to dig? Hidden consumption trap in free network

December 22th, 2017
In life, we all connect to wifi, and we all know that there is a security risk in free wifi. But we still choose to connect to wifi. The wifi network provides us with convenience, making us go online faster and more comfortable and save us the cost of traffic. But the wifi security risk cannot be eliminated. Recently, starbucks has come up with a strange thing, wifi will use the user's computer to dig, hidden consumption trap.

WiFi signal problems and the role of WiFi jammers

November 23th, 2017
WiFi signal brings many problems, your kids indulge in online virtual world, play games with mobile phones, watch video, etc., affect learning; in public places, you are disturbed; rational use of WiFi jammers, life will be more beautiful.

The elderly use a dedicated smartphone problem

December 9th, 2017
Mobile phone's progress and development, aimed at people of different ages design different mobile phone style. Designed for young people with stylish and versatile smartphones. For students, the telephone watch was designed. For business people, the design of confidentiality, safer and better mobile phones. For older people, too, there are oversized fonts and ultra-loud smartphones. These various kinds of smart phones greatly facilitate people's life and work. The loud volume of older smartphone users is causing some noise.

What are the hidden dangers of mobile phone security threats and Android users

December 19th, 2017
Android phones are the most frequently used, because they are cheaper, and low-end smartphones are easy to get. Not as expensive as an iPhone. So now android smartphones make up more than 80 percent of the market. In the face of these problems, Android users have a hidden security problem. What can be done?

Drones monitor atmospheric systems experiments

January 23th, 2018
Currently, the market is very popular, you know the application of uav should be the example of uav aerial photography. But drones also have a very important application, and they also play a good role in promoting scientific research. Recently, there has been a study of unmanned aerial vehicle monitoring of atmospheric systems. With the development of uav, our life will be more convenient and beautiful, but it will bring many problems.

The importance of wifi testing for smartphones

January 3th, 2018
Smart phones have become almost indispensable in our life, and the big smartphone brands are constantly innovating. But no matter what new features and features the smartphone adds, the WiFi component still carries the most network traffic. Therefore, the performance and quality of the WiFi components restrict the user experience of smartphone users and the brand recognition of smart phones.

High power jammers are widely used in daily life

December 25th, 2017
The development of science and technology, the signal jammer is no stranger to us, in the news, we often see such report, the use of jammers interfere with the car lock, and then to steal property or inside the car is the news that the stolen cars, etc. Where do high-powered jammers apply in our daily lives? Here's a brief introduction.

Studies show that wifi radiation harms children more than expected

January 3th, 2018
With the improvement of people's living standard, people pay more and more attention to health problems and people pay more attention to health. For today's intelligent technology era, the radiation problem is more and more serious, mobile phones have radiation, wifi radiation, a variety of intelligent electronic products radioactive, radiation will do any harm to people's body? How do they solve problems like wifi radiation?

Studies found that prolonged use cell phone causes anxiety and depression

January 9th, 2018
Mobile phone is a new kind of product in recent years, a popular in the world, became the ideal equipment for many people, have the communication and entertainment and other functions, these functions fascinates many young people, so they indulge themselves in mobile phone, excessive use of mobile phones, which will cause great damage to their body, too much mobile phone use may cause anxiety or depression.

2015 Chinese cell phone user network security situation

January 10th, 2018
The development of the information age, people pay more and more attention to the personal information security, network has become the important factor of information leakage, network security issues become more serious, about network security, what are your thoughts?

What are some of the behaviors you hate in a movie theater?

January 22th, 2018
Improvement of living standards, make our life more rich and colorful, to the movies is a way to relax in our daily life, the movies can make our body and mind relax, have different visual experience. But there are problems at the cinema that affect our viewing experience. What is the most annoying thing you do when you watch a movie?

Future drones developments and applications

January 23th, 2018
The development of science and technology led to the development of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), in recent years, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) developed rapidly and soon have a wide variety of design of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the application of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) are also gradually increase, wide application field. So what are the future trends for drones? And what will be the main applications of drones in the future?

Method of punishment of network criminals

January 25th, 2018
In the Internet age, the security of the Internet is prominent, Internet crime is rampant, how to prevent Internet fraud? How to punish cyber criminals? Making our network safer and better life is what's important today, starting with the signal jammer.

The United States says drone strikes in somalia have killed al-shabab extremists

February 23th, 2018
The development of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in the major field of life have been used, because of its many characteristics, it is many countries fight terrorists device, but at the same time it has become one of the extremists criminal tools, these terrorists made the more fear of attack incidents using unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).

Drones are involved in the delivery of aid

February 06th, 2018
The popularity of drones has a lot to do with the field of application. Have you ever heard of drones being used in aid delivery? Here is a detailed introduction to the news about the drone rescue.Drones can quickly and accurately deliver blood to designated hospitals for timely treatment.Not only that, drones are being used for military reconnaissance, fighter jets and so on.

Australia: the opera house and other venues ban mobile phone ringtones

March 23th, 2018
In many countries in the world always boring ringtones, especially in places where leisure to relax, Australia's ban on cell phone rings in opera venues such as policy has been issued, take compulsory measures is an important solution to solve the phone ringing noise, and mobile phone jammer is one of the equipment.

Drone development depends on GPS technology

February 23th, 2018
GPS technology is the very important positioning technology, it is to belong to us all, the application of this technology in industry field, even by far the most popular unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is applied to GPS technology, GPS can realize accurate positioning.

Classroom play mobile phone phenomenon should be treated strictly

February 13th, 2018
With the popularity of mobile phones in the classroom many students use mobile phones seriously disrupted the classroom order, mobile phone jammer can be a good solution to this problem.

The dangers of driving a car to see mobile phone

February 13th, 2018
Driving a car while using a cell phone is a very dangerous thing to deal with this situation, the use of car phone jammers can effectively block the phone signal, allowing you to concentrate on driving.

Tinfoil can block cell phone signals

February 13th, 2018
The development of smart phones make it play an important role in people's lives, many materials can block the phone signal, aluminum foil is one of them. We recommend a signal jammer, which is the best tool to block the signal of a cell phone.

Cars installed GPS system advantages and disadvantages

February 13th, 2018
GPS satellite positioning system has been widely used around the world, but the GPS signal can also be tracked, the use of GPS signal jammers will be a good choice.

Android has revealed a deadly cloning vulnerability

February 12th, 2018
The mobile phone's own protection program is just one kind of protection measure, there are a variety of measures to protect the security of mobile phone, you can choose, and the cell phone jammer is a popular one nowadays. Abroad, many people choose to use it to do what it should do.

SMilitary exercises reflect the importance of GPS signal to the military

February 12th, 2018
GPS is famous for its precise positioning. It can also be used for many purposes such as GPS tracking and navigation. It is widely used in the military field. It can effectively cut off GPS and protect your privacy by using GPS signal jammer.

Some of the core issues of children's smartwatches

February 12th, 2018
GPS tracking technology is developing rapidly, and how to prevent GPS tracking is becoming more and more important for people to consider. In fact, it's easy to avoid GPS tracking, which can be easily solved with pocket gps jammer.

South Korea's winter Olympics use drones to boost security

February 06th, 2018
No clear rules of the right to use unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) so many people have their own unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the market at present four axis unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is likely to become more and more popular, they have a very good performance, Korean games will use against the phenomenon of uav flying drones killer.

How to block cell phone signals? It can help you out

February 03th, 2018
Mobile phone is our most important communication equipment, how to block our mobile phone signal? It can help you very well.It is an extremely important shielding device for our personal security and for regional anti-interference.

Knowledge training on cell phone jammers.

February 03th, 2018
With the development of science and technology, intelligent mobile phone popularity of mobile phones and the noise's own security issues questioned by people and therefore cell phone jammers in People's Daily life has become the important equipment, more systematic understanding of cell phone jammers, to its knowledge training is necessary.

The prospects and applications of enterprise drones

January 25th, 2018
The uav is an important witness to the development of science and technology. With the development of science and technology, what height will the uav reach? Where will future drones be used?

The benefits of flying on a plane and the mobile phone

January 22th, 2018
The phone's flight mode is a feature of our current mobile phone, but we rarely use it, so we don't know much about the purpose of the flight model. Just knowing the flight mode, or the mode that you start when you're flying, will give you a few big benefits of flying patterns.

Is mobile phone payment safe?

January 22th, 2018
With the development of technology and e-commerce, mobile phone payment has become an important payment method for people shopping.We use mobile payment every day. Have you ever considered its safety? Maybe not. Maybe we haven't had that problem yet.So what is the security of mobile payments? What is it about?

Electronic mobile device terminals are widely used in GPS

January 10th, 2018
GPS technology has been developing rapidly, it should be widely used in many fields, in the area of intelligent device performance is more apparent, GPS convenience to our travel, and provide us with accurate position information and navigation route, it is because of this, we also could be tracking, which uses GPS signal interception devices become more and more people choose.

The mobile phone virus comes from android

January 8th, 2018
Mobile phone virus is accompanied by the emergence of mobile phone, in the protection of mobile phone virus this aspect, there are many ways to defend, but still can exist this cellular virus, this is why? In the face of mobile phone virus, can use cell phone jammer to solve virus invasion problem?

United States and Russia over GPS on offensive and defensive war

January 5th, 2018
GPS positioning system and GPS tracking technology are developing rapidly and are widely used in various fields of science and technology products. Common areas include smart wearable devices, smart phones and unmanned technologies. But GPS technology has also been widely used in military applications, and the use of GPS has been used to secure the country's military.

IOS and Android system security index contrast

January 4th, 2018
In the context of the popularity of smart phones, mobile device systems are mainly divided into iOS and Android, which are the mainstream systems in today's market. There are tens of thousands of claims on the Internet, especially in terms of their safety, because security is the most important issue for users. So what is their security? Here are some safety indicators for you.

Data shows that nearly 50% of Android devices are affected by the WPA2 vulnerability

January 4th, 2018
Android devices are the most important products of mobile devices today. They adopt the Android system, and their security has some problems, because of the open source of Android. These problems on the wifi security problem is more outstanding, wap2 cryptographic protocol be cracked, it is a bad news for the masses of users, a survey shows that wifi security problem always there, where the wifi most vulnerable? What better way to protect your wifi?

Cell phone radiation may cause related problems

January 3th, 2018
With the development of technology, smartphones have become an indispensable tool for our lives and work. Smartphones have brought great benefits to our lives and enriched our lives. At the same time, the smart phone has brought us a lot of trouble. For example, your child is addicted to mobile phones and does not like to study. Cell phone radiation affects your child's health problems. What are your solutions to these problems?

Wifi encryption and three security modes

December 29th, 2017
Wifi network is an indispensable signal network in our life and work. With wifi coverage, our life more without wifi, because our mobile data traffic is too little, but now many of the web is requires a lot of traffic, it is serious for us. This makes us more dependent on wifi network, and the security of wifi network is very important, understanding the encryption mode and security mode of wifi, so that you can better make a wifi jammer diy.

Smart transfer new technology to intercept harassing phone calls

December 29th, 2017
The harassment of phone calls and spam messages is one of the most serious problems our mobile phone has suffered at the moment. It has greatly affected our work and life and interfered with the pace of our lives. Harassing calls are mainly sales and scam calls, so where do they get our information? This is related to our personal information loss problem, recently, an Internet operators to pilot the new technology of intelligent switch to stop harassing phone calls, this is great news for the masses of users.

The new android viruses can cause cell phone battery scrap

December 27th, 2017
Virus along with the development of science and technology have been increased, although our equipment is equipped with specialized antivirus software, but the virus still emerge in endlessly, one of the new virus threat to our security, recently produced a new type of android virus, it can make your phone battery scrap. Learn more about it.

Terrible! Google's Android system is tracking you but that's just the tip of the iceberg

December 27th, 2017
The smart phone has the GPS function, it can accurately locate the position we want to know, and provides convenience for people's life. In life, we usually put the GPS service closed, to open only when using, but have you ever thought of, is closed the GPS location services will not be tracked? The latest reports, Google's android in the case of you didn't open the GPS location services, as well as can locate your position, it sounds incredible, let's see how it is through the way to realize.

Android 8.0's 10 new features

December 26th, 2017
With the development of science and technology, the smartphone is constantly updated and the mainstream android system of the mobile phone system is constantly upgraded and improved. A new release has been launched, with new releases with many new features and improvements in security. So what are the new features of android 8.0?

The characteristics of bluetooth 4.0 and bluetooth 3.0 what's the difference?

December 26th, 2017
Wifi and bluetooth are our most familiar wireless transmission channels, and the most used are wifi and bluetooth. How much do you know about wifi and bluetooth? How many of their main communication frequencies are you clear? And bluetooth technology, how much do you know? Here's a look at the difference between bluetooth 3.0 and bluetooth 4.0.

The number of American spam complaints has doubled in the past two years to 7.2 million this year

December 25th, 2017
As personal information leaks, we get all kinds of harassment calls in our lives, including promotion, fraud, malicious harassment, etc. What are your solutions to the increasing number of harassment calls? Why are we now getting so much harassing phone calls? Are these harassing calls seriously disturbing our work and life? What do you think about the harassment phone?

To explore reports of ways to deal with harassment

December 25th, 2017
In recent days, the social investigation center of China youth daily has conducted an interview and report with the increasing number of harassing calls. Some solutions about face harassing phone calls, why so much harassing phone calls, and harassing phone calls are so precise information, the government departments should be how to deal with related report harassing phone calls, etc.

A malicious APP threat to our security phone

December 23th, 2017
The popularity of smart phones which stimulates the development of the mobile phone APP, mobile phone APP is very important for us, a mobile phone APP, the equivalent of what did not function, the emergence of apps, the largest use of the function of the cell phone, with the wide development of apps, more and more need to get some of our APP permissions, such as mobile phone contacts, our location information, etc., these rights is very important for us, in our personal property safety, malicious APP will endanger our cell phone safety.

Personal information breaches and harassing phone calls rampant

December 23th, 2017
In the information age, our personal information is so compromised that we can always get the phone calls, including all kinds of sales calls. How did our information leak out? There are many ways to leak, and all in all, our message seems to be no longer private. Don't you want to get a nuisance call? At work and rest, we are most annoyed by phone calls, but always appear, what can be done? At home, you can install a mobile phone jammer and block the harassing phone call.

The difference between wifi and wlan

December 22th, 2017
The infinite network is becoming very important in our lives, and it's not that common anymore. We are connected to the wifi network every day, but do you know what wifi network is? Do you know the frequency of wifi signals? What about WLAN? Do you know that? Here's a look at the difference between wifi and WLAN, making it more accurate to buy a wireless jammer.

Introduction to GSM mobile phone and network

December 20th, 2017
GSM mobile phone is the most basic network using GSM network of mobile devices, the GSM network has its unique signal characteristics, is a GSM mobile phone in communication are difficult to interference, almost no dead Angle on the phone, then you know what is the GSM network? Does it contain any bands?

Your phone may cause cancer when you sleep

December 20th, 2017
Mobile phone is one of the most important tools in our life. It has many functions such as communication and entertainment. Because the function of the smart phone is more and more perfect, it has almost replaced the computer equipment, became a portable handheld device, by all ages of people like, because it is against the use of different people to develop the function of different mobile devices, so that a lot of young people from eating, or sleeping, phones are must carry items, sleeping of time, phone also is put in the side, little imagine, mobile phone radiation will affect their bodies.

The shopping cart installs the GPS tracker to record the consumption process

December 19th, 2017
GPS technology is not unfamiliar to us. GPS technology is applied in all fields, especially in smart devices, artificial intelligence, unmanned technology and so on. You have GPS on your phone, GPS on your car, GPS on your smart watch, and you know that, but the shopping cart has GPS tracking, have you heard of it? How do you see a New Zealand supermarket installing a GPS tracker on shopping to learn about customer buying habits?

Australian men use snack packs to block GPS tracking signals

December 19th, 2017
With the development of GPS technology and popularization, not only in mobile phones, cars installed GPS, some companies in order to better understand grasp the dynamics of staff, sent staff equipped with GPS PDA devices, can track to all employees, for the matter, someone looking for a company a protest, but doesn't work, he in order to better protests in action, it will be a PDA into a bag of potato chips, interference can play a role. In today's information age, our information is particularly important, and personal location information is in it. How can we avoid being tracked by GPS? There are clever ways to deal with GPS tracking, using GPS signal jammers.

Smart phone development and GPS tracking technology

December 18th, 2017
With the widely application of the smart phones, intelligent mobile phone manufacturing technology development, has created the problem of widespread use their phones now, GPS chip technology, tracking technology is more and more severe, mobile phone GPS is likely to be we tracked a channel. Shutting down GPS can also be tracked, and how to protect our data information becomes an important issue.

Android8.0 bug security problem

December 18th, 2017
Android is one of the mainstream systems in the market, and now Android has released version 8.0, and the new version will need to be tested to solve the bug problem. We know that mobile security is becoming more and more concerned, and people are more concerned about their data security. While Android8.0 was officially launched after a long period of testing, there are still a lot of bug safety problems.

What do you know about cell phone signal identifiers?

December 15th, 2017
In the world of smartphones, mobile phone signals have become important factors to support it. With the development of smart phones, people growing demand for mobile phone signal, the original 2 g signal far cannot satisfy the demand of people, mobile phone signal, for the people to pursue faster 4 g signal gets to develop and popularize, for we are familiar with mobile phones, but for the mobile phone signal identification, how much do you know?

Why does the iPhone's 2G shipping store kill android 8G in seconds?

December 15th, 2017
We know the current mainstream mobile terminal system is mainly two iOS and Android, used the two system knows that Android devices used long will appear the phenomenon of caton, this also is the disadvantages of the Android system, even if its operation can achieve a large memory. The iOS system doesn't have as much running memory as the Android system, but it runs the Android operating memory on a fluidity scale. Why? Then there is the open source of Android, which is a little bit of a bit of a worry when it comes to security.

Hostile foreign forces interfere with GPS? "McCain" collision ship conspiracy theory is rampant

December 14th, 2017
With the development of GPS technology, some countries use GPS jammers to disrupt GPS positioning information in order to protect their own rights and interests. John McCain "collided with an Alnwick tanker carrying the Liberia flag, causing a large hole in the destroyer to be torn apart. The U.S. Navy divers further assessed the damage to the Changi naval base on the hull Is it a coincidence or a premeditated matter?

French government plans to ban schoolchildren from using their cellphones in school

December 14th, 2017
Can students use cell phones at school? School students in the use of mobile phones on the issue, what measures? The use of cell phone jammers to prevent students from using cell phones unreasonable combination of problems? Recently, the French government will promulgate a ban on primary and secondary school students using cell phones in schools. According to the ban, primary and secondary school students will be able to bring their cell phones to school, but are not allowed to come up with cell phones until after school, even if the classes are not available.

What are the reasons for poor WiFi signal?

December 13th, 2017
Do you know why your WiFi signal is broken? Sometimes, the computer loses its WiFi signal every few minutes, forcing you to reconnect again and again. There are many possibilities for this, such as the failure of routers or even old models, or software on computers that are outdated. If you're not willing to switch to a new router, you can search the Internet for your router's solution. Is WiFi bad for people? At present, there is no evidence that wireless Internet signals are harmful to the human body, and there is no evidence to prove it. But if you're worried about it, make sure your router is more than 1 meter away from your couch and bed.

Americans take the bus with their cell phone jammers

December 13th, 2017
With the rapid rise of mobile phone users, not by others in a public setting the noise on the cell phone is almost a "mission impossible". So, the United States started to have a small number but the number of "rebels," with a rapid increase in Numbers, began to use a direct method -- a cell phone signal jammer, to resist that kind of interference.

Android phone use techniques and diy cell phone jammer to protect data security

December 12th, 2017
Android smartphones and apple's iOS smartphones are the mainstay of today's mobile phones, with android accounting for more than 80 percent of the market. The main reason is that android system is open source and can be downloaded as an APP, but because of its open source nature, there are some problems with its security. Such as data security holes. With the development of science and technology, the security of android has been improved and the user's data is protected, but there are still some small loopholes for the criminals to catch. To protect your data, consider using a diy cell phone jammer.

Android has a big security breach that allows hackers to tamper with apps

December 12th, 2017
Top security experts remind android users to upgrade to the latest version of android and download or update apps on the App's official website. At the same time, it is recommended that the developer upgrade the App installation package to the V2 signature mechanism, or configure the security SDK of the top elephant technology for the App to guard against the threat posed by the vulnerability.

Use mobile phone awareness and cell phone jammers

December 9th, 2017
On TV, we often see reports of accidents involving mobile phones. Now mobile phones are very popular, without the phone, you are behind, you have no idea what is going on outside. Some young people use their cell phones too much, playing with their cell phones all the time, eating, resting, etc., which can cause a great visual burden on their eyes. Even more serious is the use of mobile phones in the bed to play games, watch video, etc., and the use of mobile phones in the dark environment caused more damage to the eyes.

Cell phone jammers can solve the problems caused by smart phones

December 5th, 2017
The progress of The Times and the development of science and technology are inseparable from the hard work of people. Generations of smart phones have been developed until they become popular in the marketplace. The development of smart phones is important for people to progress, but also brought a lot of problems, the use of cell phone jammers can be very good solution to the problem of smart phones bring to people, the use of cell phone jammers, can let the pace of technological progress more quickly.

Using a cell signal jammer is jamming

December 5th, 2017
You know what? The phone has no signal to go out, may not be related to the communication base station, more time is related to the mobile signal jammer.In life, a lot of people in order to improve their speed, let their own mobile phones, computers and other devices on the Internet faster, they bought signal enhancer, signal enhancer is to increase the signal spectrum, interfere with the other equipment of the same signal, this is interfering with an effect. The best solution is to buy a mobile phone jammer, which should be used reasonably and not to interfere with other users. The current form of interference is serious.

Mobile cell phone jammers are widely used in the office area

December 5th, 2017
With the wide use of smart phones, people both in the life, cannot leave the mobile phone, or work now call this phenomenon as the mobile phone addiction, mobile phone really brought us a lot of convenience, in the life, mobile phones can be used as an entertainment tool. At work, also as a good learning tool, more important is the contact tool. But in some companies, some employees use their phones as much as they do in their lives, which seriously affects their productivity. So mobile phone jammers are widely used in the office area. Not only can ensure employee's work efficiency, but also ensure the security of information.

Make multifunction mobile phone GPS jammer is used

December 1th, 2017
GPS satellite positioning system to improve and popularize, in many smart devices, such as smart phones, smart watches, smart TV, unmanned machine equipment, such as in the application of GPS chip positioning system, which provides a great convenience to people, make people very easy to find the exact location, GPS applications on mobile phones, mobile phone be your tracker, using feature phones GPS jammers to solve this problem.

The wireless signal and wireless signal jammers war

November 30th, 2017
The progress of science and technology with the wireless signal and wireless signal jammer, produced the fierce struggle between the two, they fight each other, promote each other, for the development of science and technology is great, they greatly have an important role in people's life. People's lives will be better as long as they are properly used.

Mobile signal jammers are used in schools

November 29th, 2017
In the face of students' obsession with mobile Internet and mobile games, some schools have taken corresponding measures to improve students' liking for learning. The school has installed mobile phone jammer in dormitory area to ensure students' sleep and not affect study. Install mobile phone jammer in the classroom area, and make the students forget the Internet cell phone and concentrate on their study.

Wifi jammer harmless to the human body

November 24th, 2017
For the popular Wi-Fi jammers on the market, people are not only concerned about its price, but more about whether it is harmful to the human body. There are different opinions on this issue, some say that there is radiating damage to the human body, and some say it is even more serious. What is really saying? Here, I want to explain to people is that WiFi interference only interfere with the corresponding signal, will not have a detrimental impact on the human body.

The benefits of using a WiFi jammer in your home

November 22th, 2017
The WiFi signal is everywhere and the popularity of smart phones, family use WiFi signal jammers have many advantages, can let your family put down the phone, don't indulge in the network, settled down to have a good communication with you.

WiFi signal jammer is very important for WiFi security

November 22th, 2017
WiFi signal is everywhere and brings convenience to people, which also brings people security risks. People are also worried about using WiFi. For this reason, it is very important to use the WiFi jammer.

Cell phone jammers are various, how to choose?

November 21th, 2017
With the development and popularization of smart phones, the phenomenon of abuse of mobile phones is increasing, and it is imperative to buy mobile phone jammers. So, how should we select mobile jammers in a wide variety of markets?

Technological progress with signal jammer development classification

November 20th, 2017
The progress of science and technology, The Times are also improving, which will inevitably produce new things. The signal jammer emits radio waves that correspond to the same frequency or frequency of ordinary radio waves, causing interference or radio interference and interfering with legitimate communications.

Russia installed jammers in the examination room to prevent cheating

November 17th, 2017
In the examination room to install jammers can quickly shield the signal in many areas of Russia this year, the examination room are newly installed cell phone signal shielding equipment and video surveillance system, the college entrance examination cheat rate dropped significantly over last year.

Signal jammer interference doll machine

November 16th, 2017
We should all have seen the kind of game console that grabs dolls. It is not easy to cast coins and catch a doll. What are your tips? Here will tell you something new, someone using a signal jammer to grab the doll.

Jammers are widely used in military fields

November 15th, 2017
Here we will introduce to you the latest jammer news dynamically, so you can more comprehensive understanding of the jammer, reasonable use of jammers. In the local war, the United States weapons and use a wide range of interference, the GPS scrambler system immediately set out to destroy Iraq.