Tinfoil can block cell phone signals

The development of smart phones make it play an important role in people's life, smartphone brings an important change, mainly reflected in the aspect of people access to the Internet and entertainment. With the improvement of people's living standard, people's dependence on mobile phones is stronger.

Mobile phone has almost become the necessities of life, we make it we can normal work is to keep a good state and the security of online communication, but when you go into the basement or some tall buildings, cell phone signal often have substantial attenuation; And when you get into an elevator, there is usually no signal. In this situation, you can't get access to SMS and mobile networks, which can cause you to miss a lot of information and opportunities.

Can aluminum foil block out a cell phone signal? In the physics experiments of high school, it was shown that it could block cell phone signals, and we could not successfully call the phones in tin foil.If you feel it's too much trouble to wrap your phone in foil, it's better to use a professional phone blocker.

The signal appears to wear out in the wall, and it seems to have something to do with the thickness of the wall. This is probably the reason why the signal is bad in the basement or in some buildings. Using this "theory" can barely explain why there is no signal in the elevator. But, when I tell you, use a thin layer of wrapped in tinfoil mobile phone signal can be completely cut off, the phenomenon with our perceptual cognition under the theory of "thick wall block signals" can't seem to explain.In addition to the foil paper can block cell phone signals, a lot of sealing metal products can also block cell phone signals, if you think it is too much trouble, you can buy a cell phone signal jammer, the cell phone jammer for sale with lower price on jammer-buy store, with the portable, easy to operate, easy to hide, and many other features.

The transmission of cell phone signals is carried out by electromagnetic waves that vary according to a certain frequency. Near the phone, the bigger the wave amplitude of the signal, the better the signal. If we come to a place where the signal is very weak, there are only a very small number of electromagnetic signals that can get here. Life experience tells us that the amplitude of the electromagnetic wave will decrease after penetrating the wall, resulting in attenuation of the signal.

The propagation of electromagnetic waves in the medium follows the "skin effect". As the name suggests, electromagnetic waves tend to surface phenomena. Consult the definition, we learn that, when the conductor of an alternating current or alternating electromagnetic field, the uneven distribution of current internal conductors, current concentration in the "skin" section of the conductor, concentration that is current in the conductor appearance thin layer, the closer the conductor surface, the current density, the greater the wires inside the current is smaller. As a result, the resistance of the conductor increases and its loss power increases. This phenomenon is called skin effect. So what does this effect have to do with the spread of cell phone signals?

The electromagnetic wave that carries the signal passes through some medium, is restricted by the skin effect, causes a part of the electromagnetic wave to stay in the surface of the medium and cannot pass through this medium completely. The better the conductive performance of the medium, the more obvious the obstacle effect of electromagnetic wave.

Now let's say there's a wall, and the electromagnetic wave is going to pass through. If the wall is completely insulated, there is no such wall in the electromagnetic wave, it can be very happy to wear in the past without any loss; But if this wall is conductive, for instance, the wall is a metal, the electromagnetic waves, this is an insurmountable walls, it is almost impossible in the past, which is a thin layer of tin foil can keep the cell phone no signal.

Conductive materials (metals or materials that conduct electricity) can have a serious impact on the propagation of electromagnetic waves. In order to strengthen the load-bearing capacity of the wall, reinforced concrete structure is widely used in the construction industry. In other words, there are not only insulating materials such as cement, but also conductive steel, as well as all kinds of wires embedded in the wall. This causes the wall to have certain resistance to the electromagnetic wave. So when we are in the underground space, the signal is reduced to a different degree, until it disappears completely.

The example of skin effect blocking signal is widely used in various fields. We know that seawater is a good conductor of electricity. Militarily, in order to "rise", "down", "forward", "stop" to this kind of simple signals, such as in the underwater submarine, must use the large antenna array, the high strength of the electromagnetic wave signals, but even so, also can achieve 30 meters underwater communications, once more than the distance, communication will become more difficult. However, there are two sides to everything, the skin effect does bring us a lot of inconvenience, but there are some beneficial applications.

To sum up, want to block cell phone signals, in addition to these simple methods, there are many other way, if you want to be very convenient can block cell phone signals, cell phone jammers will be your most wise choice.


Posted by Qaonggeg 2018-06-17

Thank you for sharing. You have provided me with a way to ban mobile communication.

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