Future drones developments and applications

With the development of science and technology, the uav becomes more and more popular and becomes an important equipment for people to explore and entertain.In 2018, drones will have powerful new capabilities. The combination of ultra-high performance cameras with the upgraded global navigation satellite system (GNSS) will enhance the sensitivity of uav navigation and far exceed the current uav model level. The new uavs are equipped with ultra-fast charging capabilities and lasting endurance, which means that in 2018 the range will be significantly increased and the performance will be more flexible.

Although the uav has great expectations in the future, its development will be subject to other technologies, such as drone development depends on GPS technology.

The uav can view the overall situation and provide a broader view of data collection, thus greatly promoting the development of meteorology, transportation, and even disaster prediction. A group of drones can collect and analyze real-time traffic conditions, and the accumulated data can be used to help ease traffic congestion. And, unlike the highway cameras and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) can be flexibly observed from various angles, and the results will be quickly sent to the flash point, make them become the ideal equipment of road condition monitoring.

After natural disasters such as hurricanes and wildfires in 2017, people use drones to count losses, which are crucial to saving more lives in 2018. Several companies have started using drones to collect and analyze data in these areas.

Kespry sets up an air intelligence platform that combines with cloud storage to simplify insurance claims procedures and help analysts better understand the scope of disasters. CyPhy specializes in producing high-endurance suppository uavs with safe and effective payload data, providing important information and real-time process for emergency personnel. These drones are designed for customers in defense, public security and business. Flyability has created a test drone Elios that can be used to explore indoor airtight Spaces, which can be used in Bridges, mines and other areas to improve their safety.

The data collected by drones will also help the industry itself. As uav dynamic data accumulation, "intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)" will be more good at automatic identification in the process of navigation danger, then the internal communication to negotiate safe flight path, according to the present status automatically adjust the real-time route, even in the case of data show the line too risky, can completely give up the task. One day, the artificial intelligence-controlled drone could even make the unmanned aerial traffic control system currently being developed by NASA into history.

Of course, there are concerns about the development of drones - the fear that drones are being used by big brother to monitor us from the skies. Consumers often buy convenience at the expense of privacy, but regulators should pay attention to these issues in the coming year when they develop a roadmap for drones.When a drone is shot, it may invade other people's privacy. Are you concerned about your privacy being violated? That's for sure, using drone jammer app to protect the right to privacy in the range of popular drones.

Second, in 2018, several companies will compete to launch flying cars or drones, also known as AAV (autonomous flying vehicles). This concept first appeared in the concept prototypes of major vendors such as Ehang, where they positioned eco-drones as personal autonomous vehicles. The company has received more than $50 million in financing.

Another competitor is Volocopter, a German company that aims to help cities solve the growing problem of population mobility. Volocopter there are 18 rotor is a two-seater unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), Daimler, a $30 million investment, and was once thought to be leading dubai aerospace revolutionary change, and the test is started.

Uber Elevate is a vertical-take-off (VTOL) aircraft, which is "fast moving to on-demand cities" - the company says it will be fully operational by 2020. Uber is working with aviation giants Boeing aurora, bell helicopter, and even NASA to implement the drone program.

If the sky is filled with driverless taxis, it may not be a good thing for today's professional drivers (or birds). Still, driverless taxis will be a huge boon. They are clean, safe, to ease traffic pressure - even one day, they will abolish the road - and, with the increasing of number of lanes, will make our daily travel time exponentially.

Third, with the rise of autonomous, multi-sensor drones, home security cameras may soon be a thing of the past. In the detected noise or suspicious activity, the uav will start automatically, and around buildings or flight, until the threat has been discovered and eliminate - and owners can be observed in a safe distance. Drones have been used to monitor large industrial installations, but a home-monitoring system based on drones could break through in 2018.

The sunflower lab, based in palo alto, is working on a home-sensing system that combines a mobile sensor with a drone, leaving no dead end. The sensors communicate with the camera's four-axis aircraft, sending alerts for the activity and tracking them in real time. Similarly, with the widespread use of household surveillance, privacy and cybersecurity issues will become more prominent, and homeowners will have to make tough choices about privacy and security.

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