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Cutting off juvenile Internet access is more effective than prison


With the rapid development of mobile Internet, the network became an essential part of the people, completely integrated into people's life and work, the Internet makes it easier for the daily life of people, meet the basic needs of people. But with the development of the Internet, some criminals have taken advantage of the Internet to commit crimes, including information theft, property theft, fraud and other ACTS. For these criminals, how to go education, punishment becomes a problem that people need to think about. It used to be to let these criminals go to jail, but the effect was not so good, and some people suggested that it would not be feasible to let them be punished by cutting off the Internet.Wifi jammer will participate in punishing cyber criminals?

On January 8, according to British media reports, a few days ago, the British, said a senior police officer for young offenders, equipped with a wifi jammer blocker prevent them from Internet, or more effective than prison punishment.

The officer, Gavin Thomas, is the chief superintendent of the British police association. He says it is more effective to block access to the network than to send them directly to prison. Today, two out of every five crimes involve cybercrime. What Mr. Thomas calls a wifi jammer is an electronic device that interferes with the wi-fi signals around and allows wearers to surf the Internet.

"We should keep up with The Times and stop using the 19th century punishment in the 21st century," officer Thomas said in an interview with foreign media. The cost of putting a prisoner in jail for a year is 38,000 pounds, and the recidivism rate is very high. We often think that it is effective to put prisoners in prison for 12 months and 15 months, but the fact is that once they get out of jail, they tend to commit more crimes. We can continue to bring them back and send them back to prison, but it's not a long-term solution to the problem.

Officer in addition, Thomas also pointed out that the hacking and identity theft information is a new type of crime in the 21st century, so you need to take a new approach to deal with, and the criminal justice system also needs to update, and strengthen the education of teenagers.