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Make wifi jammer diy process video.


Although the coverage of wifi network has brought us a lot of convenience, it provides a more convenient channel for us to visit the Internet, but it will also expose us to more or less problems. For example, wifi brings us a lot of trouble to a certain extent. In the school, the wifi network coverage, provides us with convenience and at the same time, also give us a problem, you will find that many students on the use of wifi without restraint, they are at rest and in use wifi to play games, this for other students, is very bad, it seriously affected the rest and to learn from others. So some schools will take measures to shut down the Internet, but that doesn't make a big difference. For those students, they need a wifi jammer diy to stop it.

How to make a wifi jammer? What materials do you need? Need to first make a wifi jammers chip number, wire number, also need batteries, a box, antenna number, according to what you need to set band, finally need a wire whip. These are basic materials, depending on what kind of functionality you need.The second is to connect the circuit, use the electric welding whip to fix, test its effect, improve the place where need to improve.Complete the above steps, you can be made into a simple wifi jammer, specific look at the video.

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