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8 Bands GPS WiFi/Bluetooth Cell Phone Jammer

A signal jammer with more antennas means that more signal types can be shielded, rather than the basic signal that is limited to the phone, which can block bluetooth transmission signals and lojack tracking signals. Cell phone ringtone, mobile phone noise is a problem we are tired of, using mobile phone jammer to stop this kind of uncivilized behavior, can give us a good environment work and rest. For tracking phenomenon, the whereabouts of protection is necessary for us, this kind of multi-function signal scrambler can help you escape, let you have more private space, not privacy prying eyes but don't know what to send.You can find some mobile cell phone jammer with 8 antennas here which means they can block 8 frequencies at the same time.Most of them are desktop and have high heat dissipation so that they can work for a long time.Very suitable to be used in classroom.meeting room,church and court,etc.One of our store's 8 antenna handheld jammers is a very popular one on the market today. You can see it here. It's really great. If you need it, I recommend it.It can interfere with our common type of signal, the function and design is very good, this is also why it is so popular.

This is a new 8-antenna desktop high-power mobile phone jammer that can interfere with 2g/3g/4g, wifi and GPS frequencies. It is a full-band signal jammer with a maximum interference radius of 40 meters.

Technical Specs: Weight: 3000g Size: 355 x 135 x 50mm Warranty:One Year
$475.64 $790.99
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The new portable jammer has a longer antenna and a wider shielding range. The maximum jamming radius is 25 meters, shielding 2g 3g 4g GPS WiFi signal band, 2019 most popular jamming device.

Technical Specs: Weight:1.2kg Size:156x83x48mm Warranty:One Year
$539.79 $1038.05
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This desktop jammer with 8 signal channels. It is aimed at GSM,3G,4G, WiFi, bluetooth signal, powerful function, wide range of interference and large radius.

Technical Specs: Radius:40m Weight:3.2kg Size:140mm x 51mm x 350mm Warranty:One Year
$540.49 $1165.89
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8 antennas portable multifunction jammer block GSM 3G 4G LTE WiFi GPS and LoJack.The interference radius can reach 30 meters.It can almost satisfy all your needs.It is most popular jammer online.

Technical Specs: Weight:1kg Size:270x170x70mm Warranty:One Year
$330.69 $735.69
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The high power cell jammer can block GSM,3G and 4G signals.Meanwhile with wide jamming frequencies, there are 3 configurations for you.Supports WiFi/GPS,UHF/VHF/LoJack or remote controls.

Technical Specs: Radius:50m Weight:3.2kg Size:140x51x350 mm Warranty:One Year
$620.48 $840.49
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Signal jammer is often seen in our life of equipment, according to different signals, we have designed a variety of types of jammer, such as GPS jammer interfere with GPS signals, cell phone jammers interfere with cell phone signals, shielding wifi, wifi jammers make unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) landing unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) jammers, etc.

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We will see a lot of news about stolen cars on the Internet. Criminals use car remote control jammer to screen remote signals so that the doors can't be locked safely, so that the theft can be carried out.The most familiar use of GPS blocker device is to prevent GPS signal tracking, but it has other uses, too. Details can be found on Google for more information.Wifi jammer are used in a number of large Settings such as schools, restaurants, cinemas, theaters and the like.It is possible for that GSM signal jammer of the mobile phone to intercept the GSM signal and is very helpful for the mobile phone and the harass telephone.