Audio Camera-Different Hidden Camera

Here shows the hidden audio cameras which can record the audio secretly.A variety of easy-to-hide cameras provide you with perfect features and shapes that make it easy for you to hide them. You can take pictures and spy on people. They are great.Hidden cameras you need, it can be used in your home, your office, or even your car, the hidden camera can be very good to monitor these places, to record what is happening in these places, it can be important for us.These are easy to hide cameras, as you can see, they can be the shape of the glasses, the pen shape, the charger, the remote control, the shape of the watch, the shape of the U disk, etc. Designed in a variety of shapes, it is not easy to find it is a candid camera. They may even think that your glasses or watches are nice, so they flatter you. Here you can buy the hidden camera you need, high-end cameras you should buy from us.

HD Water-resistant WiFI Non Aperture Power Supply Camera HTP115
AZ1401 Waterproof Watch with Built-in Audio Video Camera
HTP016 Mini DV Video Audio Recorder Chewing Gum Camera
Hidden Mini USB Flash Drive Spy Camera HD Video Recorder
HTP26 Mobile Power Camera Video and Audio Camera
HD Video Audio Recording Pen Cheap Hidden Camera
HD Night Vision WIFI Clock Spy Camera

    HD Night Vision WIFI Clock Spy Camera

    The alarm clock hidden camera is equipped with high-capacity battery which can help it work for a long time.It captures audio and clear HD video(1080p) even at night.It's a pefect gadget for home and office surveillance.

Wireless Home Security Camera Night Vision Spy Camera
720P Clear Video Spy Camera Glasses

    720P Clear Video Spy Camera Glasses

    When you wear the glasses,you can record videos or audios secretly anywhere.No one would find out that there is a hidden camera in the glasses.




Hidden Bulb Camera