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High Power Desktop Multiband Jammer Wider Use In Life

The multi-antenna desktop signal interference device is equipped with a more powerful shielding function, and the blocking signal type is also more extensive, which can block the familiar signal types of everyday. Such signals are used in prisons, large studios and other places where electronic devices such as mobile phones are not used, which can prevent leaks and protect the area.Multiple antenna desktop high power jammer is recommended for you here, they are widely used in military and important secret units, they ensure that the place of information security and network security, to prevent the theft of being attacked by criminals. A large school or conference room will also use this powerful jammer device.The multiband blockers here have most antennas in jammer-buy.com.They can interfere with nearly all frequencies with wide jamming radius.

16 band signal jammer is powerful,it can nearly jamming with the 100-2700MHz signals,which means any tools that use these signals will be jammed if you use the jammer.

Technical Specs: Radius:70m Output Power:33-38W Weight:6kg Size:470x 420 x 115mm Warranty:One Year
$1128.25 $1978.25
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The powerful signal jammer device is designed with 16 antennas, which can interfere with most common frequencies, including 3.5g wi-fi GPS VHF UHF and cell phone signals.

Technical Specs: Weight:6.5kg Size:470x 420 x 115mm Warranty:One Year
$1078.33 $1928.33
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14 antennas signal jammer is more powerful and can block more frequencies.Not only jamming all the mobile phone signals,it also supports LoJack GPS WIFI UHF VHF 433 and 315MHz.

Technical Specs: Radius:70m Output Power:28-35W Weight:6kg Size:470x 420 x 115mm Warranty:One Year
$1003.46 $2053.46
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High power signal jammers can block a variety of signal types, including all cell phone signals, which can be used in all large places with a radius of 70 meters.

Technical Specs: Weight:6kg Size:330x 238 x 60mm Warranty:One Year
$838.75 $1538.75
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The high power jammer is a kind of integrated type of cell phone jammer and other jammers, which indicates that it can interfere with many signals and has a wide radius.GPS is one of the most important technologies in today's world. There are a lot of applications in the field, and jammer GPS blocker devices may be needed in places where GPS is needed, so as not to be infringed.Wifi jammers interfere with wifi signals, allowing your family to put down their phones, not be addicted to the Internet, and spend more time with you.GSM network is a 2g network and can be shielded by GSM jammer.

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This is a signal jammer based on the number of antennas that you can choose to buy quickly.