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DroneShield obtained the NATO inventory number for uav jammers

DroneGun MKII has acquired a NATO stock number that allows the NATO military to buy the powerful drone jammer from the market. DroneGun MKII is a kind of uav jammer, which can provide security countermeasures to various uav models and control the uav payload, such as explosives. This greatly simplifies the procurement process by allowing any of the 29 NATO forces to purchase DroneGun MKII based on a military inventory.

Two antenna handheld vehicle GPS jammer

This is a 2 antenna design handheld GPS satellite signal jammer, it can block the GPS L1 L2 signal, these two types of commonly used signal signal, most of the GPS positioning and navigation devices adopted the signal. So this device can stop the signal from the tracking device and keep your tracks safe. Because it USES a small portable design, it favored by the majority of drivers, driving for them the whereabouts of protection is very important, its effective interference radius of up to 15 meters, enough to protect your position of effective area security, easy to carry and hide, we provide you with the car charger, car of the use of more convenient for you.

Mobile phone dependency management measures

The development of smart phone makes people developed a dependency on mobile phones is constantly increasing, the use of mobile phone addiction is excessive and rely on mobile phones, they can't leave mobile phones, mobile phone addiction especially among the young.How to manage cell phone dependence has always been a concern of the society, in which the school uses the cell phone jammer to prevent the students from relying on the symptoms, which has achieved excellent results to a certain extent.

GPS signal blockers block car GPS signals

Car equipped with GPS system is many owners know, install the GPS system has a lot of benefits, also provide convenient for people to travel, but also to their auto safety provides a guarantee, after their car may be stolen by GPS positioning function can be quickly to find the car. But car GPS signals are also likely to use, not for you to track, access to important information, such as location, what time in what place, these are all can be use of the information, they may use the information you for fraud and other criminal activities, this is very dangerous behavior. As a result, many car owners will buy GPS signal blockers to block car GPS signals when they need them for their own cars. They pack it up when they don't need it, and this portable GPS blocker is very handy for them. Learn more about the GPS blockers that block car GPS signals. Click here.

Cell phone jammer helps you form a good living habit

Mobile phones are the most electronic devices we use today, and our communications and entertainment are largely dependent on it. It is an important tool. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of mobile phones has greatly improved the shape and function of mobile phones, which has been pursued by many young people at one time. Their fashion is favored by young people. The use of mobile phones is also much less restrained, and you can see young people using mobile phones wherever they are. They are overly dependent on their mobile phones, suffer from severe phone dependence, can't get out of the control of their phones, and when they walk, it is dangerous to watch their mobile phones, which can cause traffic accidents. When driving, it is more dangerous to watch the mobile phone's behavior. The car is more difficult to control than the people, playing with the mobile phone on the high-speed car, and the consequences of the accident are very serious. To sum up, mobile phone does give the life of people brought a lot of convenience, but also let people more reliance on mobile phones, also a lot of bad living habits, walk to see mobile phone, go to bed play mobile phone, cell phone use social work, these all belong to one of the bad habits. Therefore, the generation of mobile jammer is necessary, which is very important for your healthy lifestyle. Whether it's for organizations, or for you personally.Read more about the lifestyle habits of mobile phone jammers.

Schools use cell phone jammers block cell phone signal

The development of science and technology has enabled smart phones to grow rapidly. Smart phones have become the products of many people. The mobile phones in the market are cheap, easy to purchase and easy to use. So many students now have their own mobile phones. In the Internet age, if they use a mobile phone to consult the data, then mobile phone is their important learning tools, but they are using mobile phones to play games, etc., this will bring important influence to their study. It not only affected the teacher's class, but also affected the study of other students, and more importantly, delayed their good study time. Although the school has banned the use of mobile phones, mobile phones have been brought into the classroom by students.

In addition, they used mobile phones to cheat on exams. The violation, which forced the school to install a cell phone jammer device, intercepted the phone's signal so that their phones could not connect to the Internet. During the examination, the mobile phone jammer was opened to prevent students from cheating, which ensured the fairness of the test. In a sense, school use of cell phone jammers is a wonderful thing.

Drone news

WiFi key technology

In order to minimize the data transmission collision and retry send, prevent the disordered contention channel of each site, the wireless LAN adopts the carrier to listen multi-channel access/conflict avoidance protocol. The CSMA/CA communication method closely links the time domain to the frame format, ensuring that only one site is sent at a certain time, and the centralized control of the network system is realized. Before sending out the data, listen to the state of the media, wait for no one to use the media, wait for a period of time, then wait for a random period of time, still no one use, just send out the data. The chance of conflict can be reduced because the random time used by each device is different. Direct sequence spread spectrum technology is the main modulation technique adopted by 802.11b. Direct sequence spread spectrum technology is the technique of encoding and sending data using the 11 bit Chipping Barker sequence. The sending end adds chips (a string of binary code) to the bitstream to be transmitted via the spreader, which is called encoding; The original data can then be obtained by decoding the same chips at the receiving end. In the same throughput, direct sequence spread spectrum technology requires more energy than frequency-hopping technology; However, at the cost of energy consumption, it can also achieve higher throughput than frequency-hopping technology. 802.11b can achieve 5.5Mbps and 11Mbps with HR/DSSS technology.The wifi jammer is the wireless transmission band for wifi, which generates the same radio waves.

The development trend positioning function of 5G cellular network

The progress of science and technology, the requirement to the cellular network also gradually enhanced, the current 4 g networks don't seem to meet the needs of people on the Internet, so 5 g network development become one of the research topic of many countries. Currently, some cities in the world already have the use of 5G network, but these are still in the testing stage, and there is no widespread promotion, which is believed to be popularized in the near future. Positioning awareness is the basic requirement of many new markets, and 5G cellular mobile network has also included positioning function as an important module of network system design.The popularization of 5G cellular network is bound to have a great impact, so the 5G jammer will also be produced.

Examples of GPS trackers used in life

The use of GPS trackers is a lot we see in movies, mainly for police to track criminals. And then there are the cases where criminals are secretly installing to keep track of targets. In real life, the use of tracking device also has a lot of examples, such as taxi companies in order to understand the dynamic of the car, will be installed in the car GPS tracker, long-distance truck will install this tracker. Some drivers use the mini GPS jammer to block tracking signals to avoid such tracking.

Two things will lower your wifi network

WiFi networks tend to be slow. The competition between WiFi devices and the dynamic communication media of radio waves is a sensitive technology, and many Settings and situations may slow down.

Old wireless and security protocols

Setting up a wifi network with older security protocols significantly reduces the performance of wifi devices. This has nothing to do with the maximum support standards for access points and their commitments. For example, 802.11ac can support data rates of over 1,000 Mbps. However, if you configure WEP or WPA security, the data rate will be limited to 54 Mbps. This restriction is due to the use of the temporary key integrity protocol (TKIP) encryption method.Therefore, to ensure that the old WiFi security method does not reduce network speed, only WPA2 security is enabled using the advanced encryption standard. Do not choose WPA/WPA2 mixed mode or wpa2-tkip.

Use the 5GHz band

There are 11 channels in the 2.4 GHz band in North America, and only three non-overlapping channels are available with the default 20 MHz, and only one channel is provided with 40 MHz. Because adjacent aps should be located on different non-overlapping channels, the 2.4 GHz band may become very slow.The 5GHz band provides up to 24 channels. Not all aps support all channels, but all channels do not overlap if 20 MHz is used. With 40 MHz, there are as many as 12 non-overlapping channels. As a result, your AP and any other adjacent networks are less likely to interfere with the same frequency, and your wifi will be less disruptive and faster in speed.You should try to use the WiFi client as much as possible so that you can use the 5GHz band on the network to improve speed and performance. Using any frequency band on the AP can increase the chance of a dual-band client connecting to 5 GHz instead of 2.4 GHz.

Public service vehicles will be forced to install GPS systems

As is known to all, our car will have GPS function, the reason is installed GPS system, can through the GPS system to monitor vehicle, no matter where you go to, your vehicle will be locked. With this feature, you can monitor your car's speed to better comply with traffic rules and make road safety more reliable. On the one hand, you can guarantee your personal safety, on the other hand, it is also a kind of protection for others' safety.

Recently, many news websites have reported that some countries will enforce the installation of GPS system on public service vehicles, which is a very important measure for vehicle safety and passenger safety.Although it is convenient for the management of the car, but at the same time may invade your privacy, let you feel you are in danger, to buy GPS blocker will be your best choice, when you need to protect privacy open, this will not pose any threat to public security.For more information on the mandatory installation of GPS systems in buses, click on the link https://www.jammer-buy.com/GPS-system-used-public-service-car.html

Identified two Romanians, they had with them a gsm signal jammer

The Questura invites citizens to verify the functionality of burglar alarm systems on cars and at home: the seized electronic instruments can be used to bypass electrical circuits.

The burglar alarm system installed in the car and at home must be checked regularly. The invitation came from the police headquarters, particularly the romanian citizens who had spent the night in the city centre hotel yesterday morning. There have been some precedents for these two cases, especially property crimes, and the international arrest warrant for one of them was withdrawn after further investigation by Interpol. Two romanians have a blade knife, a modified screwdriver, a metal disconnector and a GSM jammer. The seized electronic instruments "might - read a note from the police headquarters - can be used to bypass circuits such as car control units or home burglar alarms. Found that if the operation, the jamming signal (interference), and makes the cellular phone lines and outreach of GPS position detection system consisting of shielding the instantaneous reset, and described based on mobile network on the shell made of anti-theft phone combination failure ".

Drone jammer - drone killer

Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) was put forward as early as the second world war, with the development of science and technology, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) both in shape and gradually improved in such aspects as performance, according to the size and performance of unmanned connect, it is applied in different fields, militarily, it will be used in electronic warfare.

For the application of uav in electronic warfare, it is necessary to take appropriate protective measures to protect its own safety. Drone jammers are a nightmare for drones.Learn more about our stores and buy drone jammers to protect your territory.

How does school stop students from using their phones?

With the improvement of people's living standards, mobile phones seem to have become their main tools. Not only do they use mobile phones, but they also use it as a social and entertainment device for their leisure time.They use their mobile phones not only at home but also in school, which seriously affects their study and teachers' lessons. We know that many schools are banning students use mobile phone, on the one hand is for the sake of the students' learning, on the other hand is also in order to better manage the school, the school is in the normal system.

But the students' rebellion did not take the school ban seriously, although it said the school found that students were severely punished by the use of mobile phones, but it failed to stop the phenomenon. The school then adopted a more effective approach, using a cellphone jammer to block cell phone signals from schools.

The method to solve the problem of intrusive or cell phone

With the development of economy, noise pollution has become an important pollution in today's society. Cell phone noise is one of them. Especially in recent years, with the development of smart phones, the phenomenon of mobile phones has become more and more prominent. Mobile phone has become an important communication and entertainment equipment in people's life, which is also one of the causes of disturbing people.

In the face of the increasingly serious mobile phone nuisance phenomenon, how to solve the problem of mobile phone nuisance and solve the problem of the disturbance in the aircraft is a major issue that people need to consider. Using a cell phone jammer is a mandatory solution.

The importance of GPS jammers on vehicle movements.

GPS technology involves today's major positioning and tracking technology, which is used in many fields. We are no strangers to GPS. Our mobile phones and smart watches are all used in GPS technology. GPS is used for our daily positioning and navigation.

Our cars are also using GPS, and onboard GPS plays an important role in traffic management and car navigation. GPS for our travel and so on is very good, but also can be the use of tracking and monitoring for us, by this time the GPS jammers can reflect the importance of it, to protect our privacy and security aspects, such as track, it is our important protection equipment.

The problem of virus outbreak and network security behind bitcoin

Network security involves broad range, including the mobile phone network security and wifi network security, for the network security, mainly related to the safety of the signal, to solve this kind of network security, is to protect the safety of the signal, also is to use signal jammer to intercept the corresponding signal.

Increasingly serious network security problems, we should not only take corresponding measures to cope with the situation, but also improve our awareness and use of multi-functional mobile phone signal jammer can protect the safety of the mobile phone signal and wifi signal, not attack by criminals.

Russian military warning uav using satellite navigation attack risk

Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for our life and the scientific research is an important tool, because of different needs, the different types of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), some of them are as children's amusement toys, and some of them are the important equipment of the industry, and some of them are used in military, large uav for destroying human activities may be terrorists, but this is no fault of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), but those terrorists.

Recently the Russian military says drones to fear, for fear of attack by a terrorist activities, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) jammer is very important, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) jammer to protect the airspace is a very important role.

Where can use a cell phone jammer?

Mobile phone is an important communication tool in today's society. With the development of mobile phone, mobile phone is not only a communication tool, but also an indispensable equipment in our life and work. It enriches our entertainment life and allows us to learn more about the outside world and keep up with The Times. A cell phone is a device that requires a signal to work, and a cell phone without a signal is like a brain without a brain. With the development of science and technology, the mobile phone signal is also gradually upgrading. From the original 2g, 3g to the current 4g, the speed is greatly improved, which satisfies people's demand for the Internet.

Cell phone jammer is the signal of the cell phone, where you need to forbid the use of mobile phone. For example, in large conference rooms, mobile jammers will need to be used to ensure the quiet of the venue. For example, the school, the school in order to let the students study hard, the exam can not cheat on the mobile phone, the mobile phone jammer is installed.

World strongest anti drone system is important in the military

With the development of modern science and technology, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has been widely used in military, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) gradually replaced the manned aircraft, became the national important air protector, in military modernization, who occupy the field of air, who will occupy the initiative, is so important for military uavs.

Since drones as a military combat equipment, for the development of an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) system is imperative, an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) system to intercept the aerial drones, destroy, has reached to protect themselves in the field of security. The world's most powerful anti-drone system has been developed, and can even be used to catch drones.

Australian drones have successfully rescued the victims of the sea

Drones are the most familiar devices we've seen so far, and we often see pictures of drone aerial shots, news reports. Are drones only used for aerial photography of our lives? Of course, with the development of uav technology, the application field of uav is becoming more and more extensive.

We heard the most was applied in the aerial and the exploration of the application, it also has more application, we don't often hear such as uavs rescue, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) pesticides, we rarely see uav reconnaissance, etc. Drones to smuggle drugs, bombing, I didn't see these because we didn't pay attention to it, for the back of the two similar situation, is a threat to us, then will turn on the uav jammer.

The dangers of driving a cell phone

Obstructing driving. The driver has a single hand in the driver's hand, which is a big hindrance to the vehicle. It has an impact on the speed control, the distance between the car and the driver's sight, which can easily lead to traffic accidents.

Distraction. Talking on a cell phone, the pilot is distracted, interfere with the driver on the road and surrounding environment of observation, once the emergency or emergency, will greatly weaken the driver of the strain capacity and the reaction time, easy to cause traffic accidents. A British traffic institute recently released by the test results show that the use of cell phones while driving, the brain's reaction speed is slower than the drunk when 30%, young people answer the phone is equivalent to a 70 - year - old drive the vehicle driving, driving in a car accident on the risk is higher than normal for driving more than four times, 70% of the fatal accident is caused by the driver inattention. And studies have shown that driving a phone can cause drivers to lose 20 percent of their attention, or even 37 percent if the call is important. At the same time, the driver who dialed the phone was 9 percent slower than normal and the brakes were 19 percent slower.

Narrow vision. While driving, the driver's vision becomes narrow and the peripheral vision is reduced. In a related test, a driver who was focused on driving had 50 percent more information than a distracted driver, creating a "blindness phenomenon." Drivers who use their phones are more likely to miss traffic signals, often unable to see bulletin boards and other signs.

Block traffic. The driving opportunities caused by distraction caused the speed to decrease, which affected the traffic rate of other vehicles and caused the traffic jam. According to the test, intermediate or high congestion road, the driver calls time-varying channel times reduces 20%, would also reduce the driving speed, in the very traffic jam, the driver cell phone than moving to use 3% of the time, the secondary flow, cell phone driver needs to spend 2% of their time.

If you find yourself in a car, the driver is calling, or checking your phone from time to time, you should remind him that you are doing this to protect the safety of the occupant and to protect your own safety. What would you do if he didn't listen? If you have a portable cell phone jammer, he will find that the phone has no signal and will drive well. This shows the importance of cell phone jammer for safety.

Driving and playing with your phone is far more dangerous than driving a cell phone. Life safety, therefore, for the sake of ourselves and others, suggest the driver friends, absolutely don't answer the phone while driving, even when using the bluetooth headset, but in the process of driving a call or will cause the driver inattention, accident probability is also relatively increases. The right thing to do is to stop by the side of the road and pick up the phone without affecting road traffic safety.

Drones and drone jammers are widely used in military defense

The uav has developed rapidly in recent years and has become a popular product in the market. The uav is widely used, not only in terms of the aerial photography and entertainment we have learned, but with the development of the uav, depending on the size of the uav, which is widely used in military applications, and a medium size uav is used in various aspects, such as agriculture and other industries.

The use of drones in military applications is particularly important. In mechanized battlefield, unmanned aerial vehicles are not only used to collect information, but also serve as important weapons. Therefore, the role of uav jammers in military affairs cannot be ignored.

Car GPS jammer

The so-called vehicle-mounted GPS jammer is mainly used for vehicle jamming GPS positioning system. With the development of science and technology, the car GPS jammer in the market is designed to work in the car cigarette lighter, and can work while charging. It is the equipment used by many long-distance bus drivers. GPS jammers are used mainly to avoid GPS positioning and anti-gps tracking.

This is a cigarette lighter car GPS jammers, it can interfere with GPS L1 signal, it is portable, easy to the characteristics of the hidden, car charge, without additional charge design, cheap, radius interference between 2-15 meters, depending on the environment. It is a cheap GPS jamming device that many drivers choose. You can have one too.

What is a jammer?

A jammer is an electronic jammer device that emits or retweets an electronic jamming signal, which is used to disrupt or deceive the enemy's electronics, to make it less effective and less effective.It emits electromagnetic waves to disrupt and disrupt electronic devices that normally work on enemy communications and radar equipment.

The jammer is divided into: to transmit pure clutter or clutter modulation signal to suppress the enemy electronic equipment, to make the communication signal fuzzy interrupt or to make the radar target echo to be obscured and to disable the detection signal capability of the clutter jamming machine, to receive the enemy signal after the proper processing and forwarding, to deceive, confuse, destroy the normal work of the enemy electronic equipment and the combined jammer with the above two functions.

Active jamming according to the interference pattern classification, can be divided into pressing type jamming and deception interference interference pattern, but the carrier of modern ship equipment active jammer or outboard active jammer can at any time between these two kinds of interference pattern transformation.

How do you keep your phone from being tracked and method?

With the development of science and technology, smart phones are becoming more and more important in people's life. Smart phones give people a better life experience, and they are more thorough in enriching people's life and communication.

It has become a habit for people to carry mobile phones when they go out. How to prevent the phone from being tracked and positioned? Who is being watched, especially on their mobile phones. It would be a threat to our lives if we were targeted by criminals. Here are some tips on how to track your phone.

What is a radio jammer?

Radio jammer refers to occur in the process of radio communication, some electromagnetic energy through direct or indirect coupling into the receiving system or channel, lead to the decrease of the quality of the received signal and useful information to produce the error or missing, or even blocking the phenomenon of communication.

The radio jammer signal is primarily through direct coupling or indirect coupling to the electromagnetic energy of the receiving device or the system, which can affect the reception of the radio signal to receive the signal, resulting in performance degradation, deterioration of mass, loss of information, and even the interruption of the correspondence. Usually said, therefore, useless radio signal useful radio reception quality decline of or damage to the facts, known as the radio interference.

Classification of radio jammer

The radio jammer is generally divided into co-frequency interference, adjacent channel interference, out-of-band interference, intermodulation interference, block interference, etc.

The same frequency interference: the frequency of any useless signal is the same frequency as the frequency of useful signals, and the interference of the receiver that receives the signal from the same channel, is called the same channel interference.

Adjacent channel interference: jamming channel power is in the receiving end of the adjacent channel receiver, which is called the adjacent channel interference.

External interference: the harmonics of the transmitter or the stray radiation are caused by the disturbance in the band that receives the useful signal, called the external interference.

Intermodulation interference: mutual modulation interference is divide into mutual modulation interference and mutual modulation interference. Transmitter intermodulation interference means that multiple transmitter signals fall into another transmitter and modulate with each other under the nonlinear effect of the final amplifier, generating unwanted combination frequencies and interference with receivers with the same frequency of receiving signals. The radio interference of the receiver is that when the multiple signals are in the receiver at the same time, at the same time, the frequency is generated by the nonlinear circuit in the receiver's front end, and the intermodulation frequency falls into the receiver's frequency band.

Blocking interference: when a radio equipment receives weak and useful signal, it is subjected to interference of high interference signal on both sides of the receiving frequency and high frequency loop, and it is called block interference. The interference light reduces the receiving sensitivity, and the weight leads to the communication interruption.

Wifi alliance announced a new generation of WPA3 safety standards

Wifi network is the most important of the wireless network, we are to our life and work are very important, so its safety life safety as for us, it has some relation with our life. With the popularity of wifi, wifi encryption way was not too safe, it is apt to be attacked by hackers, the wifi network is connected encryption methods used by most, as early as in the recent loopholes then when it is attacked by hackers.

Because the encryption method of wifi is not too safe, and the appearance of the wifi jammer changes this phenomenon, it is the security of wifi that has been improved to a certain extent. Online news reports, claims that the wi-fi alliance will launch a new generation of wifi wpa3 encryption mode, it solved the existing problems in the connected, there is no trial, for safety we don't know, I hope it can better protection on the safety performance of wifi security! But for the current wifi security, it's safer to use a wifi jammer, don't you think?

What is an RF jammer?

The powerful rf jammer is the interference generated by the frequency of the signal received at the receiver or very close to this frequency, and the federal communication commission (FCC) sets out radio frequency interference standards for the electronic equipment to minimize such interference.

Radio frequency (rf) is a kind of high frequency alternating current, also is called electromagnetic waves. Rf interference is the interference of electromagnetic waves, like two frequencies of electromagnetic waves that can be interrupted at the same time by receiving the receiver, and in the distance from the launch pad, there will be harmonic interference, jamming the other receivers, transmitting the same frequency of electromagnetic waves that can disrupt the enemy's radio stations.

Why do prisons use signal jammers?

A prison is a place where criminals are held, and its safety concerns life. With the development of the Internet, most criminals commit crimes because of network crimes, and their use of Internet fraud. Prisons should not only guarantee the safety of the witnesses, but also protect the network and prevent criminals from contacting the outside world, thus making prison break or other things that endanger the lives of others.

With the development of science and technology, many prisons will now use the high power prison jammers to protect the prison network security, including the intercept signal, wifi, etc., to prohibit criminals from contact with the outside world, so that the criminal better turn over a new leaf.

U.S. drone registrations topped one million

Uav is by far the most popular one of equipment, it can replace people to the person itself cannot reach area, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) typical aerial function is familiar, it gives us different experience. Not only that, but with the development of technology, the current uav has a variety of uses, drone delivery, drone spraying agriculture and so on.

The progress of science and technology has led to the development of uav. Currently, the uav is very popular, and there are many kinds of unmanned aerial vehicles. According to the model, the uav has many functions.

The us federal aviation administration has registered a total of 1 million drone registrations, marking a new milestone in the two-year registration plan.

Handheld WiFi jammer

Wifi network is an important network signal in the Internet era. It is an important medium for mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers to access the Internet.With the development of technology, wifi network has also caused a lot of trouble.The 8 antennas can be handheld WiFi jammer, which can interfere with eight frequencies at the same time. It can not only block the GSM 3G 4G 4G phone frequency, but also interfere with GPS WiFi and LoJack. Blocking phone signals and avoiding GPS or LoJack tracking devices is a good option for you. It also has powerful power and good cooling effect.