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The problem of virus outbreak and network security behind bitcoin

Is doomed to be digital currency carnival in 2017 year, the currency and the Wright, Monroe currency such as unprecedented, and the price of the currency and even from the beginning of up to $970 at the end of more than $20000, up nearly 20 times, a variety of other digital currency is also increased. COINS hot led directly to the virus, however, hackers, they use various methods to obtain interest, which mainly includes two kinds, one kind is to use blackmail blackmail coins virus directly to users, another kind is to use the COINS dig virus infection allow users mining, a serious threat to the two methods all online safety.

The infection of bitcoin and virus is mainly transmitted through network infection, which reflects the importance of network security, and the security of the network is related to network signals, including mobile phone signal, wifi signal and so on. For the current network security situation, in addition to improving its own network security awareness, the use of multi-functional cell phone signal jammer has become an important tool to protect the wifi network and mobile phone signal.For network security, the signal jammer has always been an important protection tool that intercepts signals and protects your network from attack.

In May 2017, an extortion virus called WannaCry swept the world, including more than 100 countries including China, the United States, Russia and Europe. In June 2017, "Petya" (Petya), a new type of blackmail, is once again raging around the world, affecting countries such as Britain, Ukraine, Russia, India, the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark and so on. In October 2017, the new extortion virus, BadRabbit, broke out in eastern Europe, and businesses and infrastructure such as Ukraine and Russia were hit hard.

Extortion is becoming more and more rampant and complicated, and the major extortion events choose bitcoin as a ransom, mainly because bitcoin is convenient and hidden, which is difficult to regulate in most countries, which leads to the illegal use of extortion virus to blackmail users to exchange bitcoin for transactions, which leads to the increasing heat of bitcoin and more and more virus extortion.

In addition to extorting bitcoin by extortion software, criminals will also acquire bitcoin by mining the virus. The illegal elements take advantage of the various vulnerabilities newly revealed in 2017, such as the ms17-010 of Windows system, s2-045 of Struts 2, s2-046, and the de-serialization vulnerability of weblogic, etc., to grab all kinds of broilers on the Internet. They used to be used for DDOS, but most of these chickens were used to dig mines this year.

As the digital currency prices, produce a kind of using the browser mining technology Coinhive, when a user to access the web page, dig program will work on Internet computer, take up a lot of system resources, cause the CPU utilization suddenly to ascend, as high as 100%. Coinhive the generation of the technology, received extensive attention of criminals, various mount attacker compromising normal site JS script, replace ads script, by taking flow and build fishing site in the user's browser crazy digging COINS, a serious threat to all users of the Internet security.

Because mining kind of Trojan horse virus will not destroy the user data, data in a computer, so it doesn't like blackmail as critical user data loss, viruses appear data cannot be recovered. Dig class Trojan virus will only lies in the user's computer, timing start dig program to calculate, a large number of consumption users computer resources, lead to user's computer performance is lower, run slow, shorter service life, etc. Because of its non-destructive and hidden nature, even a user's computer poisoning will not feel like a blackmailer.

At present, the network security environment increasingly complex, the network attack has diversified development, rising security experts warn broad user must improve the consciousness of network safety, recommended in daily use computer, open the system automatically update, patch in time, avoid the use of computer weak passwords, not an opportunity for criminals. When you find that your computer card is slow, you should check the CPU usage immediately. If any suspicious process is found, it can be shut down in time.

Internet security problems are frequent, and such news is often seen on the Internet. Xx's connection to public wifi leads to property theft, or the device connected to wifi becomes a bitcoin mining machine.Starbucks' wifi uses users' computers to dig? Hidden consumption trap in free network.

Signal jammers are of great importance in intercepting cell phone signals and protecting signal safety. In addition, it is also useful in intercepting and harassing phone calls, protecting phone security, and preventing cell phone tracking.