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Australian drones have successfully rescued the victims of the sea

Drones and anti drone jammers are important devices that are extremely important to us. The anti drone jammer appears to be of great importance when many of the functions of uavs have a good effect on people's lives and may pose a threat to people.

Recently, the 70 seconds of an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) positioning sea nomads and reported widely followed successful rescue. The drone rescue has been a routine use of drones. In recent years, China has also carried out several practices in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles.

According to the Sydney morning herald, the LIttle Ripper has managed to rescue two swimmers stranded on the surface of the sea near the horn of Reno, Australia.

It was the first time a drone had rescued two swimmers from a beach in Brisbane on Sunday. However, the training has become a practical application. It was found that two men swimming outside the safe waters were caught in a three-meter high wave, and the lifeguard activated the drone. At the time of the incident, lifeguards at LennoxHead were preparing to learn how to use drones to pull swimmers ashore.

And when the drone flew over two men, it threw a "rescue stick" into the water. The "rescue stick" was then inflated to allow the two men to grab and swim ashore. "There has never been a drone fitted with a floating device that has been used to save lives," said new south wales state lieutenant governor barilla. The entire rescue lasted just 70 seconds and the two men were exhausted but not injured. The state government began testing the drone in December for a $430,000, he said.

The report showed that the coast guard was busy testing the Little Ripper drone's application on the shark detection program at the time of the distress call, while the coast guard was staying away from Lennox Head. It took only 70 seconds for the drone to locate two people trapped on the surface of the sea, and then dropped a flotation device for the two to swim safely back to shore.

In fact, "drone + rescue" has been one of the mainstream applications of drones.The rescue uav used in the exercise can reach a radius of 2 kilometers, the maximum limit can reach 4 kilometers, and the highest altitude can reach more than 1000 meters, which can withstand a 6 gale. In addition, the rescue drone can also carry out aerial exploration, and real-time images can assist in the development of the rescue route and provide the decision-making basis for the rescue mode.

Not only that, but drones can also participate in airdrops, life buoys, medicines, food, communication tools, lighting equipment, warm clothing and so on. Rescue workers said that during the night rescue, the drone could be equipped with a crane lamp to provide large areas of illumination for the night's rescue.Drones are involved in the delivery of aid.

It is reported that four police drones by carrying high-definition cameras, answers, speakers, lights, remote control on the device, light security alert, high-altitude propaganda, deterrence, put in the life-saving equipment. After the drone has been rescued by sea, it will take off quickly to rescue the aircraft, from launch, launch and target to the launch of lifesaving equipment, the entire process of the uav takes only two minutes.

Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is the popular devices, toys, small unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) as entertainment medium of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) can be used as an aerial and some detection tools, and large uav can be applied in the rescue, this is to our life drone technology development brought about by the important changes. With drones, they will replace us in areas we can't reach, do things we can't do for us, and improve efficiency.

The proper use of drones will provide vital help to our lives and work, but it can also be a threat to our lives if we use it improperly. For example, drone strikes, drone strikes, etc., this person is a threat to our safe behavior. To protect our security and privacy, the anti drone jammer are designed to solve these problems.