Drones are involved in the delivery of aid

The upgrading and upgrading of uav technology has made the field of uav application more and more globalized. And not just the drones we know.

Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in both agriculture and military application, there were a lot of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) can be used to detect the concentration of the atmospheric, can be used for military reconnaissance drones, as military combat weapon.

In social relief, drones are also used to deliver goods, rescue workers and other things, from packaging to pizza to beer. Delivering vital supplies, a company recently used drones to provide blood, and quickly, saved many lives in Africa. Thus, drones are a great tool for people to save and transport.

Drones are widely used by us, and there are also illegal molecules that use drones to do something to hurt people, to endanger public safety, and that's what we need to do to prevent and disrupt drones, to force these drones to stay away from our lives, not to invade our privacy.For the protection of the field, anti drone jammer are needed to intercept them, catch them in the air, and force them to land.

Zipline, a silicon valley company, is reportedly working with the rwandan ministry of health to provide more than 5,500 units of blood. The speed of the drone has been greatly improved, with the average delivery time reduced from four hours to about half an hour. Drones can fly to clinics at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour, and doctors receive a text within a minute of their destination. The drone then falls from a package that attaches to the parachute and returns to home base.

The company has raised more than $41 million from investors, according to Crunchbase, which provides blood to 12 hospitals in the eastern part of the country, totaling about 6 million people. The blood is delivered to the designated hospital by the rapid delivery of the drone, providing the patient with adequate medical conditions.

Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for delivery at home is very important, because it not only helps improve the blood transfusion speed, but also for diseases such as malaria remains widespread, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) delivery also means that the hospital can be stored less blood, which means less waste, easy to damage the blood, but has the uav can in a short period of time to carry blood to the designated place, efficiency is very important for disease. One minute more is safe, and more lives are saved.

Los Angeles fire department. In wild battle launch unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for the first time, they can quickly reach the designated position, military activities to provide accurate information for the next step, is the most important factor in battle.

In an interview with the guardian, Zipline chief executive Keller Rinaudo said that in terms of drone delivery, Rwanda's drones would make the region more than the rest of the world. "The world's largest and most technologically powerful technology companies have been trying to figure out how to do this, but East Africa is showing them," Rinaudo said. Rwanda's job to prove to the world, when you make commitments, use drones to expand health care opportunities, participate in social relief contributions due responsibility, and to help save lives, it is possible.

The drone rescue has been widely used around the world, and recent news reports have reported that Australian drones have successfully rescued victims of the sea. Drones are not just a snapshot and surveillance, but they are also actively participating in social assistance.

Believe that with the development of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) technology, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in various fields of application will maximize, especially in the exploration of science and technology and social relief and so on about the things of life, they will be an important tool. With the use of drones in aid, accidents that could happen in the future will not cause too much damage, as the addition of drones will allow victims to receive treatment for the first time.


Posted by Haongetg 2018-06-22

As far as I know, drones are mainly used for aerial photography. I didn't realize that they have such important functions in various fields. It is hoped that in the future development, drones will assume more responsibilities and be used in a wider field.

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