Some of the core issues of children's smartwatches

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, more breakthroughs have been made in mobile devices and smart wearable devices, and the popular smart phones and smart watches in the market are typical representatives. They are integrated into more high-tech technology, integrating many functions into one. Mobile phones are no longer only to answer phone calls and send text messages; Watch not only watch time, but also have the function of making phone calls and entertainment. Not only that, they have also added the most popular GPS technology to make GPS navigation more thorough.Intelligent children watches are very popular in today's era of science and technology, in many families, parents for their children to buy a smart phone watch, convenient and they understand the children's behavior, and convenient contact with children. The smart watch is concerned with the core of some major issues that need to be solved.

Many parents buy smartwatches for their children to keep track of their children. The smart watch's GPS function allows parents to find children and relieve their concerns. We know this is for the sake of their children but watch the latest intelligence problems, perhaps it is not only convenient for them yourself, or more likely to be convenient for hackers.Hackers can use GPS to track your children, and it's possible to do something illegal. At present, GPS tracking technology is developing rapidly, and how to prevent GPS tracking is becoming more and more important for people to consider. In fact, it's easy to avoid GPS tracking, which can be easily solved with pocket gps jammer.

The location is not accurate, and the key moment is wrong

Some businesses give children smart watches the name of the crown - to find the magic device. This overblown behavior has led consumers to a dangerous mistake, using the watch as a lifesaver. Consumers with the idea of "distress watch can save lives" need to be careful. The watch is only used in daily life, and it must not depend on the watch in case of emergency.

Even so, positioning watches but also bring you parents at ease, good quality watches positioning can be accurate to within 5 meters, for children in safety within the scope of supervision is quite convenient.

Two big technologies - standby and waterproof

As a result of various restrictions, the children's watch's standby and waterproof has always been a headache for manufacturers, and many watch users anxious. According to the investigation, the battery capacity of the children's smart watch on the market is mostly 400-500 milliampere. Compared with mobile phone, completely not enough to see! Even so, watch consumption is not as fast as mobile phones. 500 mah watch power, if appropriate energy saving optimization, can normally use 2-3 days, standby 5-7 days. However, different conditions of use, such as poor watch signal, can increase the phone call and positioning energy consumption. There is no one product that can jump out of this, so it is not recommended to buy a watch that is less than 450 mah.

It is the nature of children to like to play with water. As a electronic product worn on the hand, the waterproof performance of children's watches is also a key factor for consumers. It is commonly said on the market to reach the life waterproof level, but can it really be waterproof?

Radiation problem

Radiation has always been a major problem in mobile electronics, but most people are now in the middle of radiation, so they are more aware of the damage that radiation does to the body. Fear comes from unknown, popular science will know, the radiation around everywhere, not only is electronics, (mobile phone, microwave oven, refrigerator, electric lamp), around a lot of things can emit radiation, and radiation to the human body are harmful no authority.

Children watch security vulnerabilities

The deluge of coverage has once again caused panic among consumers. "There is a loophole in the interface of the watch, which can lead to the real-time monitoring of more than one million children by hackers, the daily walking track of children, real-time environment voice, etc." It's a frightening thing to hear, but it's not as scary as we think. If hackers do have the power and time to crack a child's watch to get a walking track, it might be better to crack the phone and get money.


Posted by Viagone 2018-06-21

Although children's smartwatches facilitate our contact with children, their main function is their communication and positioning function. These functions can also be exploited by criminals to commit illegal crimes against our children.I personally don't suggested that parents give children buy the smart products, on the one hand is to let the child can take more time to their study, not addicted to the Internet or electronic equipment.